Introduction to April Challenge

This blog is a free support group environment for men & women looking to live healthier, vibrant lives.  We are from all across the country and challenge our own individual excuses every day to live a healthier, active lifestyle.  If commenting anywhere on this blog, you’ve got to try your darndest to be positive and uplifting. Over time, you’ll get to know each other a little, cheer & be cheered, uplift & be uplifted, inspire & be inspired. Weight loss and lifestyle renovating take time- it’s a marathon and not a sprint. This awesome group of people will help you on your journey, whether your just starting out, if you’re almost to your goal, or even if you’re aiming to maintain. No fad diets, just honestly trying our hardest to make overall changes for the better in our habits.

There are a few keys to this blog’s success: First, everyone’s holding you accountable, in a positive and fun way, to whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. No nagging, but just encouragement, people excited to hear how you’re doing. Second, we have awesome tools for tracking calories burned & calories consumed with the My Fitness Pal free online profile, and awesome tips & tricks for healthy lifestyles from all the friends participating in this blog. And third, we keep healthy living at the forefront of your thoughts each day by either emailing you the post each weekday or emailing you every time another individual comments (you  can sign up to receive posts via the Email Subscription tool on the side bar and if you make a comment on a post you can check the box to receive all follow up comments by email).

You can click on any topic that interests you in the cloud of topics on the side of the blog and it will pull up all posts with that particular topic as the label.

So, are you in? We hope so! If you are, follow these steps to get all set up on the program. This next 1 month round will begin with weigh-in & measurements on April 1st and will conclude with weigh-in & measurements on April 30th.   This 1 month round time frame is helpful for most of us to set a goal, the amount of time it takes for a healthy habit to form.  You can jump in whenever, though, and toss aside the notion of time frames.

1.Create a free personal profile on the My Fitness Pal website. This is what you’ll use to enter in your goals, weight, measurements, calories consumed, calories burned, etc.  (alternatively, you could use other online food/workout diaries like The Daily Burn or keep a handwritten log in a paper notebook).

2.Then comment on a post and introduce yourself to all the fellow blog readers.  You don’t have to tell us your real name.  We’d love to see what your favorite workout is, what your favorite healthy snack is, what your goal for this challenge is, and what your reward will be when you succeed.

3.On the morning of April 1st log into your My Fitness Pal profile and enter your starting weight and all the starting measurements you want to. Start tracking calories consumed & calories burned through workouts (easy with its free iPhone app). Check in daily to the blog here to let us know how it’s going, what you’re up to, share your successes & encouragement, pose questions to other bloggers & start discussions, provide tips, etc. We’ll ask for specific things in the posts for you to add your comment on or to check-in on, too.

So go out and get everyone to jump on the challenge here and decide now to challenge their excuses and reach the fitness goals they want to hit, to live the healthiest happiest versions of themselves that  are hiding deep down within.

8 thoughts on “Introduction to April Challenge

  1. So super super glad to have you back Sarah!!! Pranafitness looks awesome! Congratulations to you for getting this up and running! I’m looking forward to soaking up all the awesomeness of you and all the others that are going to quickly fill up the blog!
    Bring it!

  2. I find myself in a position in life to be starting things all over. Everything that could possibly change in one’s life seems to be changing in mine. I’m a thirty-four year old single mother of two of the best kids you’d ever meet. I work full time as a surgical asst. in an emergency animal hospital and will be starting school soon for surgical technology.
    I’ve missed the old 10 in 6 and credit that “old blog” with making wonderful changes in my life. It feels great to be back!
    My favorite snack is still a dark mocha almond chewy kashi bar. I don’t have a favorite workout right now (a bit out of practice) – that’ll change.
    My reward to myself after I finish this month’s challenge will be my first spring pedicure!

  3. Hi all! My name is Sunny – I’m a mom “with so many children” I don’t know what to do. But one thing I will do is LOVE my time each more with PranaFitness! Yay Sarah! I am trying to cut out all sugar. I am addicted to sugar, so this is my special goal this month. To ease myself into the no sugar thing, I will try to do more self care, including: adequate sleep, more relaxation, and lots of yoga.

    I’m going to give this my all for the next 5 months. My monthly reward for each of those 5 months is 1-2 pieces of new makeup. If I have lost at least 25 pounds in the entire 5 months, I am going to spend $1000 on clothes – in one shot. I’ve never done that before. But my closet is evidence that it must be done!

    Favorite snack: berries sweetened with stevia, served over a German puffy pancake (with lots of eggs).

  4. Hi, everyone! I’m Sarah, the prowess behind this site. I hope a lot more people join us since the old blog group was so amazingly motivating & supportive. I started with everyone Feb 2009 and hit my goal weight a year later- found in it a passion for this kind of thing and in cheering as a collective group and keeping myself motivated to upgrade all the time to a higher and higher quality of life.
    My goal this April challenge is to get in more strength training and more water. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes 🙂 Love running, love cycling, love yoga, love trying new things. Fav meal this spring has been stolen from my friend Aubs in Phoenix: Bowl of a diced grapefruit, a diced avocado, & two no-sugar-added diced cups mandarin oranges, every morning for breakfast. So yummy it has me salivating just typing that. Another thing this challenge is I’m going to find more ways to eat veggies that I actually like. No eating anything I don’t like or feel blah about. Gonna find me some LOVE veggies 🙂 Reward will be a cheap little back massage at Massage Envy since I still have never gotten my tush into a spa before for one of those! Gonna do it.
    Can’t wait to hear all your stories, your goals, your rewards, and the day-in & day-out questions, cheers, support, etc.
    A new exciting thing now that we’re on this new blog format is going to be EXPERT posts! Keep on the lookout for Ironmen/Ironwomen making a post, sports physiologists, personal trainers, coaches, dietitians, professors, athletes, yogis, etc. It’s going to be the best session yet!
    Keep spreading the word!

  5. Hi everyone! Looking forward to this blog and leaning on you all for support this next 30 days! I’m an overweight mom that is still trying to figure out how to manage what I need for my body and balance that with the time in a day to care for the needs of my family. Never ending battle for me it seems! I’ve been training for a half marathon for the last few months and haven’t seen much weight loss. (Race day is April 30th! yay!) 🙂 Hoping that making myself accountable with my calories again will help with that! Favorite workout has been running -okay, lets face it, I’m still slow so I should really call it barely running. 🙂 Healthy snack lately has been apples-I know, real exciting. 🙂 My goal for this challenge is to complete my race and to have stuck to counting calories daily. My reward will hopefully be some weight loss. 🙂 Welcome everyone!

  6. Hi everyone! I’m super excited for this blog to start again. Today is my day off and this is what got me out of bed! Weight is an ongoing struggle for me, but I have been successful in making some healthy changes over the last year. My favorite healthy snack is almonds any time, and a cup of tea in the afternoon. My goal for this challenge is to track my food at least 5 days a week and stay within my the target. My reward will be the feeling of accomplishment, and a few pounds gone.

  7. I am feeling kind of anxious about doing this, but honestly if I am going to make any kind of change I need some accountability! I am a 31 year old mother with 4 awesome kids. I have had 3 miscarriages in the the last year that have helped me gain 20 pounds that I would like to lose. I have never been good at making healthy choices so my goal is to start small. This month my goal is no fast food and no more soda. My favorite workout is Zumba. I love Zumba! If I meet my goal this month I am going to buy myself some cute workout clothes so I don’t have to workout in my ratty old mom sweats! I wish I had a favorite healthy snack 🙂 I am hoping to find one. I do like fresh fruit. Does that count? 🙂 Thanks for doing this Sarah. YOU are my inspiration!

  8. Hello everyone!

    Wow! Love the new website Sarah! So excited to be part of this support group and hoping to draw from everyone’s successes. My name is Kim and I’m a 40 something mom and grandma. My family is my everything and I would do anything for them! It is so important to me to be an example of a healthy lifestyle for my family and I’m ashamed to say that in the last year or so this has not been the case. My desire is to change my thinking and not put so much emphasis on how I look and and always trying to kill myself to be a certain weight rather I just want to feel good and be healthy. My goal is to start exercising again and to stop skipping meals (sadly I only eat one meal a day which is usually late at night…not good I know!) I need to develop better habits, I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again! My oldest son has been gone for almost 2 years and will be home in 2 1/2 months and so my reward will be to buy a new outfit so I can look good for him when he gets home! Looking forward to doing this with everyone, here’s to a healthy lifestyle!

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