Day One

Has your scale missed you?  What about that dusty old measuring tape?  Share with us your thoughts and feelings as you mark the beginning of your journey today.  Motivation high. Everyone with different goals for living a healthier life.  Doing things tiny step by tiny step, just moving along in the right direction to a happier you.

Share what has worked for you in the past.  Share what your game plan is for this month.  Set small realistic goals.  Know if you slip up once the day ‘s not all toast.  Every moment is a fresh moment.  Celebrate every victory.  This is a lifelong journey, a marathon not a sprint.

For many of us, the first basic step of a healthier life is eating the right amount of food.  Portion-size has been tossed out the window over the years until our body has no clue anymore what amount is the right amount.  It’s time to retrain it.  If you create a profile at, it will tell you what net calories you should aim at consuming a day.  No need to get neurotic about it, but it can just be an eye-opening experience to track food intake for a while.

If you’ve gotten comfortable with eating the proper number of calories per day, the next step is increasing the quality of each calorie.  We all know there’s a lot more nutritional value in a handful of walnuts than in a bag of chips, even if the calorie count might be the same.  Finding foods that pack the right amount of punch is important. Every body is different in how it processes and uses foods.  Some foods stick with you a long time, while others leave you feeling hungry again right away.  Timing of food and nutrients in your day is also a very long, personalized journey.  Becoming aware if how your body feels and what fuel your body is asking for is hard but something that will drastically improve your energy and wellbeing.

Getting active, whatever that means for you, will help pump the endorphins and feel-good hormones through your body.  You’ll be making yourself physically stronger but you’ll also get to ride that “Wow- I Rock” train all day long smiling to yourself.  Myfitnesspal can also help you keep track of the number of calories you burn.  Set a goal for yourself.  Do something active every day, no matter the intensity or duration.

You are SO worth it.

Share your thoughts!!!

14 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Working on increasing amount of exercise. My main problem is I find it too easy to put EVERYTHING before myself. Get a call about helping with meals, or a funeral, I sit down and do it and forgo my walk. Later, I think, I could have taken 15-20 minutes for myself, but I don’t. It’s easy to think about it later, But it’s hard to do. I also need to learn to love exercise–I WANT to love exercise–that will be my second goal!

  2. My goal is to make a complete transformation for myself one step at a time – making changes to eating habits, exercising regularly, and getting more sleep. I noticed in 2010 how miserable I was overall. I just felt like crap every single day. I thought it was from working 2-3 jobs, but in reality it was because I wasn’t taking care of myself appropriately from the inside out. Over the last month I took charge and refuse to quit. I started out with just watching my calorie intake and lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks. But that isn’t enough. I have never been one to enjoy exercise and if I’m not being held accountable I will never go. I recently signed up for a 10 week program to kick my butt into shape. It’s not a weight loss program, but geared towards gaining endurance and strength along with training your body to burn the right amount of protein and carbs to kick up your metabolism. It’s been almost a week and I already feel better. The biggest challenge is changing my sleep pattern. I’m normally a night owl, but now I have to be at the class by 6:15am 6 days a week. I haven’t seen a budge in the scale this week, but I’m sure it’s just my body adjusting to the new schedule. I’m hoping to get great tips and support from everyone here. Good luck!

    1. Hey Michele! Sarah mentioned to me that you were going to start Farrell’s. I am soooo excited for you!! I started this program last fall and have since become an instructor and coach. This program works!! I just have a question — what are you doing stepping on a scale?!?!?! Stay away from the scale until your 5 week testing! This program is about transforming your body which means at first you are building lean muscle mass which weighs more than fat but is necessary to raise your metabolic rate. If you stress about the scale number you can stress yourself and body and not get the results you want. I know the number on my scale has been lower in the past but I am wearing the smallest size I have EVER worn. To me that is more important. Talk to your coach, instructors, and owners and I am sure they will tell you the same thing. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask! I LOVE kickboxing and know this is the program that really does work!!!

      1. Hi Abrey! I know, I know! I was just told the same exact thing on Saturday! I just finished week 1, but no one mentioned previously to NOT weigh yourself until week 5. I started freaking out because in over 2 weeks my weight didn’t budge at all. So now I know better because it was frustrating to not see any change. For some reason I was secretly hoping for one of those Biggest Loser kind of first week massive weight loss stories! 🙂 You’re right about not worrying about the amount of weight loss. I think clothing size is more important to me right now. It’s awesome that you are now instructing! It certainly is addictive, which is crazy for me to say. Ask Sarah, she knows how much I HATE working out! I have a question for you actually – is it alright to incorporate yoga a couple days a week too and possibly running/walking on top of the classes? I’m slightly nervous about getting bulky. I already have man shoulders, so don’t want it to get out of control. I also really want to work on improving my mile at the next testing. I probably should just stick to what I’m doing for now, but your opinion would be great. Thanks so much! I’m excited to have someone else here that knows what I’m doing!

      2. We are all waiting for that biggest loser moment when miraculously we shed 20+ pounds. Ahhh the dream of my heart. But that is TV and NOT reality. I am so glad you are loving the program and hope you are getting enough support from your coach, instructors and owners. Focus on what we can control and we won’t go crazy. Any way to answer your question is it okay to add more to your workout? The simple answer is yes it is okay but be careful you don’t over do it. If you really commit to all 3 components of the program you do not need to add anything. The program works! When I started my 10 weeks I had already registered for and committed to a 10k so I continue to train for it through the first 6 weeks. I also played volleyball once a week. However I had been running, playing volleyball, and consistently working out for a couple of years before starting Farrell’s. So if you have the energy and desire go for it! Caution just don’t go too extreme that you won’t be able to manage then burn out and end up giving it all up. I can’t wait to hear how your 5 week testing goes!! Let me know if I can be of any more help.

  3. Measurements this morning were eye opening. My last measurements were 8 months ago, and it was interesting to see just where those pounds went. I can’t wait to get back to my measurements from last year. It’s time!

    “The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.” -Robert Cushing

  4. Love the quote Sunny! Looking forward to a great day of jumping in and scrambling through as best as I can. 🙂

    Quick question: I’m not getting emails from follow-ups or the original posts, do I need to sign up for that somewhere else other than checking the boxes here at the bottom?

  5. Thanks for sharing the quote, Sunny 🙂
    Nicki, signing up for the email subscription just sends you the posts, not the comments. I thought there was a box to check after you commented that would enable you to receive notifications of all follow up comments to that particular day’s post, but I don’t see it. Hmm…
    Anyone less of a novice at WordPress than me?

  6. I signed up, but I am not getting follow up comments.
    To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift.
    Franklin Roosevelt

  7. I went back to an old email and realized that I never activated the subscriptions from the welcome email. So I did that, and am getting follow up comments now, so we’ll see tomorrow if I get the prana fitness post. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  8. I’m up! Today was my day off and I slept in!!
    I’ve weighed in and measured in and am all set to go. My biggest goal this month is to eat more healthy foods. I too often will go a whole day without a single veggie — no more! I’m going to up the quality of my food choices without sacrificing taste.
    I’m also going to start my training for a half marathon I’m running in June. I’m going to have to focus, but I can do it!
    Keep the inspiration coming everyone!!

  9. Hello Everybody!! I am sooo excited that this blog support is back! I am currently in the middle of a challenge at the gym I workout at so I am not going to weigh in just yet. Next Saturday is the end of a 12 week eat clean challenge and I can’t wait to weigh and measure then. I am a food person! There I said it. It is out in the open so now I don’t have to hide it any longer. My goal is to continue to find what food is going to work best with my body to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

    I currently workout and instruct at a kickboxing/resistance training gym. I have talked about becoming a group fitness instructor for a while and now it isn’t just talk! I am also training for a half marathon in June. I have had a goal time for a half marathon for almost 3 years! I can’t wait to cross that off the bucket list.

    What are your goals? What is your plan to get yourself there?

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