Spring is on our doorsteps, and partly because of this incredible spring yoga celebration I went to this past weekend, on my mind is the concept of seeds & sprouting, new growth & uncovering the power contained within us for greatness.  A little seed has within it the map of greatness (Plato is smiling somewhere).  If given good ground, sunlight, & water, the little seed will grow to its destined greatness, like a tall tree.  But if the seed never sees sunlight, it won’t be able to grow to its full potential.  The seed will lie dormant.  The seed might think it perfectly content, but only because it’s never known what it’s like to be a plant.  It’s time to let the seed experience what it was designed to experience.

For those of you who have made it a ways on your own personal journey towards living a healthier life, perhaps you can share and attest to the following concept, or add to it.  Within every person lies this seed or potential for greatness and happiness.  We have this natural inclination to be active and eat good foods and laugh and play and to live without chaos.  It just feels good when you’re active and healthy.  It feels right.  It feels natural.  It makes you feel happy.  Why do we sabotage it?  Sometimes we create cloud cover to block the sun.  Sometimes we create drought conditions to deprive our seed of water.  Sometimes we cover the seed, afraid of the future.  Sometimes we don’t think the seed deserves to be an amazing plant.  Sometimes we don’t want to make other seeds feel bad.   Sometimes we just want to hide and stop time.

Here at the beginning of April and at the beginning of spring, think of something within you that is yearning to be awakened, to reach its potential, to feel its natural lot, and LET IT SPROUT.   Perhaps you think of yourself as the one whole seed.  Perhaps you think of lots of separate seeds within you, little things (Like your activity level?  Your love of hearty, healthy foods?  Your endurance and determination?  Your ability to cheer others on?  Your knack for compassion?  Your reflection & meditation?  Your daily placement of your wellbeing & balance towards the top of your priorities list?  Your inner feistiness and zest for life? ). Whatever it is, don’t sabotage it from coming out, from sprouting.  Stop blocking its sunlight.  Let it reach its roots out in the fertile ground of this support community.  Let it take hold.  Let it grow.  Give it a chance.  End the sabotage.  Challenge your excuses.

Would any of you who’ve been on this journey a while be willing to share your story of something that awoke inside of you as a part of this journey?  For those of you just starting out on your journey, what are you doing to un-sabotage your seed?  How are you going to give this fresh new shot at a healthy life a chance to incubate and grow?

5 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. My journey over the last few years (nice & slow, ups & downs) has shown me that my body appreciates healthy food. I’ve learned that I am HAPPY by being active and by sharing love with others. I’ve learned that I had within me this ENTIRE time, my whole life, these seed for confidence and leadership and pride and feeling sexy and genuinely being happy for other people. I spent the first 90% of my life not even thinking those things were possible. I couldn’t be happy for other people if my life depended on it. Then going through my journey, I found out they were not just possible but that they could grow to be HUGE! I know it was there the whole time, but it was only awakened when I gave it the hard work and attention it needed to grow, when I surrounded myself by positive people, when I believed I was worth it, when I put in the effort to try every day to be the best me. I can’t wait for this sapling to grow into a redwood 🙂 Well of course it’s a redwood, I’m a redhead….duh….
    I know for a FACT that there have been some amazing things awakened in the rest of you on your journeys. Please share!

  2. Sarah, you are phenomenal and truly a light. I love you! 🙂

    My seed has been choked my whole life long largely because of eating the wrong foods. I noticed a strong relationship between my sugar intake and moodiness/anger/depression years ago. Finally, a few days ago I mustered the courage to remove sugar from my diet (except for 5 major holidays and birthdays). Sugar is my addiction, the thing I have wanted to control for so long. Most of you don’t need to take such a drastic step because you can handle moderation… But like those in an AA meeting, for me, facing this sugar addiction head on is the right thing. I feel good.

    My new “persona” is SUNNY now. My true self, full of inner positivity, love, and joy are beginning to radiate for all to see and enjoy. I will be what I know I should be. What I am on this earth to be. The habits and attitudes of others don’t need to be my habits and attitude. Jean-Paul Sartre
    said it well: “We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made of us.”

    Here’s to SUNNY, the new me.

  3. I love this metaphor – it is so true. As I go grocery shopping I’m going to keep this thought with me – what food is going to help me reach my potential – my happiest/healthiest state. The amazing thing is – all of the unhealthy food I consume (I’m a sucker for donut holes :)), I always feel yucky after eating them. It’s interesting thinking of it as sabotaging our growth potential. Love that! Thanks!

  4. One of the hugest things that I’ve learned on this journey of letting my seed grow into it’s greatest potential is my inability to control how other seeds around me grow. When I started focusing on me and my own personal goals a wonderful thing happened. I found that I could actually accomplish those goals! I know, shocking. :). I felt such power and energy from reaching my goals that I was finally able to let things go that were out of my control. I can’t tell you what a load that was off of my back. I used to worry much more than I do now about my spouse’s actions, gossiping “friends”, and a million other things that I have no control over. For whatever reason I learned this valuable lesson when I started focusing on my seed; what my soul needed, what my heart needed, what my mental health needed, what my muscles needed, and so on. I’m obviously still working on the many things my seed needs, but having the burdens I was previously carrying gone has made my life that much lighter. We CAN accomplish our goals if we work hard, breaking molds, challenging excuses, and taking it one day at a time. Good luck everyone, hope your day of nourishing seeds is going great! :).

  5. Just to clarify from my earlier post, I think we can definitely influence others in pointing them in the right direction, being an example, loving them, and sharing our own experiences with them, but in the end we’re each in charge of getting that seedling to grow into it’s greatest potential! I don’t know where I’d be on my journey without some of you here on this blog that pushed me in the right direction! THANK YOU! :).

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