Wow, 1 week into our April healthy living challenge!  I love that everyone on here has different healthy goals.  Some are trying to shed excess weight.  Some are trying to gain strength.  Some are trying to maintain weight.  Some are trying to be more consistent with exercise.  Some are aiming for running distance/speed goals.   All are just trying to learn more about a healthy lifestyle and be more conscious about the little decisions we make every day. 

Today’s our day to check-in (or sometime this weekend).  Go ahead and remind the group what your goal was and then let us know how you feel it’s gone so far.  This is accountability in a positive and light way.  We’re just all so excited for you and can’t wait to hear!  Remember to celebrate the mini-successes, maybe just one time where you made a great decision.  Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint.  Take a moment here to reflect on this past week- What worked? How do you feel?  What would make healthy choices a second nature for you?  See if you can return your feet to the ground, find the delicate balance of determination while remembering to be gentle on yourself, and move forward with every moment being a fresh chance to put on your best you.

Healthy living is an attitude choice!  Every moment we pick our attitude.  Add life to your years and choose to be vibrant!

5 thoughts on “Check-In

  1. Hooray! I met my goal to cut out sugar. It was hard the first 3 days, then easier and easier. I suppose that’s the way of things with any goal. I am down 3.6 pounds. While the weight loss is positive, it’s not nearly as important to me as making changes I can live with my entire life long. I feel good about my eating and exercise choices this week and feel they are sustainable.

    Goal for this week: continue without sugar (it feels great!), eat at least 2 veggies a day, and try to choose whole grains. I will try for 8 hours of sleep a night. I did not meet that goal last week. I love that there is always room for achievement/improvement.

    “We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Hi everyone! My start date is April 10th. I am going to incorporate running/walking, yoga, inline skating, and biking with healthy eating. I am hoping to accomplish this for myself…not only to lose weight and look better, but also to feel better! I find myself needing to discover an outlet to relieve stress and gain more energy…especially going through nursing school. I am glad to discover prana fitness for support and webmd as a free diet/fitness journal. It’s going to be hard work…especially with training the mind into following this new lifestyle change, but I am determined.

  3. My goal for this month is no fast food and no soda. So, I forgot when I made this goal I was going out of town and would be on the road for two days. So I did have to eat out some, but I made better choices eating out (half a sandwich at Panera instead of cheeseburger and fries and soda) and ate less than I would have normally. The HUGE thing for me was even though I had to eat out a couple of times, I still didn’t have any soda! I really wanted a Dr. Pepper, but I just had water. I am feeling so great. When I first started counting my calories I thought I was going to be so hungry because I was eating too much before. My body has adjusted and I am just feeling happy. I still need to work on making healthier food choices, but for now I am happy with no fast food and no soda. I have a long way to go when my eating habits were so terrible before. I am feeling like for the first time in my life that I can do this!

  4. Welcome, Krystal! So happy to have you on here!
    Wow, Shawna, you are stronger than I with giving up soda! I love how empowered that makes you feel.
    Holy smokes, Sunny! That’s incredible!

    For my personal check-in, my goal for April was to get in more strength training and drink more water. I didn’t do all I wanted to do with that, but this is a new week and I’m off to a great start. A mini-success from last week is I didn’t ever order/eat any chips w/ my lunchtime sandwich. Yay, me! No matter how you feel you did, there’s got to be at least ONE thing you can celebrate! So share!

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