Quiet Time

Amidst the chaos of life and all the directions in which you seem to be pulled, taking just 5 minutes of time for just you can do wonders for re-centering our minds and rejuvenating our bodies.   Don’t think you have 5 minutes?  Maybe it’s while children nap.  Maybe you wake up a few earlier than usual when the house is still.  Maybe it’s sitting at a park.  Maybe it’s locked in a bathroom stall in your office to keep from pulling out your hair (I’m just sayin’…:) ).

For some, meditation carries the connotation of spending weeks at an ashram.  So we’re just going to call this quiet time 🙂  Try it.  Quiet time.  5 minutes to think of nothing but your breath.  Just sit there and be still and focus on deepening and slowing each luscious breath, steady and rhythmic like the waves of an ocean.  Don’t let the to-lists race through your mind.  Don’t let your mind dash around the world like a schizophrenic squirrel.  Just bring your mind into your heart.  And breathe.

I like this idea: “If you get into the practice of meditation, no one will have to twist your arm to make you live a healthy lifestyle, it will become your natural choice.” Read the whole yogi article here, as it talks about a lot of neat things dealing with weight loss goals and meditation.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts or experiences on quiet time or anything where you just rest your body and mind for a moment.  How do you set aside time for it?  How do you feel when/after you do it?  What would you recommend to someone who doesn’t currently practice 5 min quiet times?

3 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Hey! I can speak to this. I have 5 kids (now you’ll all know who “Sunny” is-LOL) and if I can do this, everyone can do this. I do 15-20 minutes of yoga every morning, often while the kids are eating breakfast or someone’s banging on the piano. My 5 minutes of meditation gets slipped in at the end of yoga IF people are being relatively quiet (but often there’s some child rolling in a blanket next to me or banging on the high chair). I just quiet my mind as best I can and focus inward, toward the area around my heart. If I have thoughts, they tend to be thoughts about God, nature, etc and my connection to these things. I push all other thoughts out. It is a totally blissful 5 minutes, let me tell ya. Just do it. I think in the car is another great place (parked in a parking lot). Have a superb day!

    “The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.”
    Horace Bushnell

  2. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but I’m going to try. The times when I have taken a few minutes just to breath have been great, I really need to make sure I’m consistently taking that time. And just for the record, your wonderful quotes gave you away to me at the very beginning of the challenge, Sunny. 🙂

    Yoga would be wonderful to try sometime as well…

    I’m a little discouraged right now. My half-marathon is about two weeks away now and I’ve been running into some hurdles. Hubby being gone from 4:30am-8:30pm has wiped out my outside training time (for the last two weeks and will continue to) It will only last for another month and a half, but it’s very frustrating to realize I may have to give up this particular race. I’ve also got a medical concern that may ground my running as well. I haven’t spoken with my doctor yet if my running is making the condition worse, but I will soon. I’m struggling with figuring out if I should challenge my excuses and just make it happen, or do I let this one go and focus on a goal down the road? Ugh! I know I’m really the only one that can ultimately decide this but it would be nice if I just had a life road map to tell me what to do! 😉 Any thoughts from anyone that have had a similar problem?

  3. Sunny, I love it when you talk meditation to me… rarrrr…..hehe 🙂 You’re an inspiration (even if a dead giveaway)! I remember stories about my grandma who with 9 kids would lock herself in the bathroom for a few minutes and read by herself. Perhaps DCFS wouldn’t smile upon that nowadays, but back then…. You can never underestimate the power you grant yourself by taking a few moments to center! Imagine what a better mom my grandma was after she had a few moments to gather her wits about her and move onward with the rest of the day CENTERED. It’s like in teaching yoga, one of the biggest things about teaching is to center yourself before entering the room to teach a class. Take a quiet moment to breathe deeply, root down, and gather yourself. If you’re flittery or scatter-brained, the love you want to exude just isn’t going to come out right to your students. I think I can apply that to moms & kids, or to any family/friend relationship for that matter.
    Nicki, I would for sure listen to your body. Pursuing hard training while on the verge of an injury can push you over the edge. Try other workouts besides running to get in a good heart rate increase. Did you see Moses in Biggest Loser the first few weeks do the seated boxing w/ Cara? He’d just sit down on a bench b/c of bad ankles & knees I think, then would shadow box into the air. Depending on what your injury or illness is, it might be a good idea to lay off the race- but listen to your body and see how you feel the next few weeks. Is there a friend you could give your bib # to and then go cheer them on? Don’t count yourself down and out completely! I don’t think you should push yourself to run if that’s aggravating things, but rather get creative! We don’t have to blast through the brick wall of our challenges, we can find a sneaky, creative way to tiptoe around them 🙂

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