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Have you been putting off your calorie burning workout sessions?  Not been feeling like getting active?  There’s a lot of mobility differences amongst the participants of this blog and the healthy living challenge.  Working out is whatever you can do in light of health, injury, age, body size, etc.  Anything that gets your heart pumping is better than nothing!  Be creative in not just WHAT you do but in WHEN you do it.  2 mins while brushing your teeth can be turned into 2 mins of standing squats.  5 mins in line at the grocery store can be 5 mins of clenching and releasing your core.  3 mins in the shower can be 3 mins of plies.  30 min playdate at the park can be 30 mins of running around playing tag with the kids and climbing the monkey bars.  20 min   can be a 20 min brisk walk around outside or doing the stairs inside your building.  10 mins of walking the dog can be 1o mins of jogging the dog.  60 mins on a lonely afternoon with your toddler could be spent playing in a mommy & me yoga class at a local rec center.  Yeah, yeah, you get it 🙂  Just have fun & keep a light heart about it.

A couple thoughts on the subject of working out:  I thought this was a nice Mayo Clinic article about working out being an important part of your weight loss journey:

First, working out will help you build and conserve muscles.  If you cut calories and don’t workout, yes, you’ll lose weight, but you’ll be losing muscle weight in addition to fat weight.  This will hinder you in the long-run because muscle burns calories at rest.  You’ll be making yourself overall weaker and you’ll also be turning down the internal oven knob.  Get in ANY kind of workout and make your weight loss smart.  To get downright genius, alternate cardio workouts with strength-training/resistance workouts.  Maybe walk one day, then do calisthenics or resistance band work the next day, then do a cardio machine the next day, etc.  Keep it spiced up and be creative.

Second, working out will increase the feel good endorphins rushing through the body.  Your mood will lift and you’ll feel happier.  There is an empowered feeling after a workout of feeling so dang proud of yourself that you’re on cloud 9.  It’s not about being conceited at all- it’s about doing your own little dance inside your head.

Third, working out will help you sleep more soundly at night.  You’ll be less likely to toss & turn. 

Fourth, working out will help you be more likely to keep the weight loss off compared to just cutting calories alone.  Crash dieting and depriving yourself won’t help in the long-run. 

Remember it’s an entire lifestyle change, it’s a marathon not a sprint, it’s about becoming active every day the rest of your life, living with the mindset that your health and happiness are a priority.

What do you think?  What workouts do you manage to fit in?  Have you ever had an injury that you had to then be creative about how to workout around that injury?

3 thoughts on “Work It

  1. I do 15 minutes of burst training (all out running for 45 seconds, 30 seconds off, 45 on/30 off. I do this on my treadmill and feel it’s a great workout, and I don’t have time for more). I follow the running with 20 minutes of yoga, 5 minutes meditation.

    Injury: my hips hurt from the running. 😦 Yoga helps fix that, but I’m hoping my body will adapt and just be happy.

    I’m thinking of purchasing a pedometer and shooting for 10,000 steps a day.

    “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”
    Francis Bacon

    Endorphins: yes, I feel utterly blissed out after the run/yoga combo. Way better than just doing yoga alone. It. Is. Heaven.

  2. I read this post in the security line at the airport. It was fun getting an ab workout when everyone else was wasting time. I then went and got a salad and enjoyed every nutritious bite as I watched others eating their grease filled empty food. Great feelings.

  3. Sunny, what a great burst workout! Go, you 🙂
    Eri, I laughed out loud when I thought of those abs/glutes clenching in the security line.
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