Resilience through Confidence

With chumbawumba rocking on in my head, I have felt like one of those freaky old-fashioned clown toys that is shaped like a buoy and when you push it over it’s weighted bottom causes it to pop right back up again.  Down with a sickness or down with an injury or just plain old down.  We all are faced with it sometimes.  What will determine our success in this marathon of healthy living is how we react to it.  Who we surround ourselves with.  And if we can find the confidence and optimism to know there’s success in sight.

Here’s a neat Harvard Business Review article shared by a friend:

Read it. Let us know what you think.  Maybe it’s a lot about a sports team or about an office team, but I pulled these snippets that pertain to ME and my healthy living  journey.  It really resonates with the concept that everyday we have an attitude.

“Long-term winners often face the same problems as long-term losers, but they respond differently”

“They can put troubles in perspective because they are ready for them.”

“Maintain a culture of confidence as insurance against the inevitable downturns.”

Stay strong.  Build a culture of confidence so that when times come that cause you to wobble you’ll bounce back up.  Remember every day is a choice.  YOU can do it!  Challenge your excuses.

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