Finish April Strong

Friday & Saturday wrap up our first month together on the new blog format. Thanks a million for all your love!  I hope to see you all again on here for May’s challenge.  Please share on here today or tomorrow or whenever how you felt the April Challenge went for you.  Just because I’m going to be posting May’s introduction doesn’t mean you get to skip out on your end of April accountability :).  Stay as strong as I know you really are.  Remind us of what YOUR healthy living goal was and how YOU felt YOU did.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, or against anyone else’s standard of success.  You are your own captain.  Cheer for your successes, however small or big, and let us cheer for you, because we’re itching to! 

Spend 3mins 50 seconds to watch this movie. I love the quotes in it. YOU are amazing 🙂

Make today & tomorrow awesome.  Lay it all on the line.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Finish April Strong

  1. AMAZING! Truly inspiring and exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. I was in a car accident yesterday that messed up my back. Nothing life threatening thank goodness but not pleasant. I have been chasing a half marathon goal for close to three years. Something always comes up but when I do achieve that goal it will be just that much more rewarding! We cannot control everything but we do control how we react. Keep fighting!

  2. Checking in for April. I lost 10.6 lbs. It felt great. Now I need to keep it going. My goal for May is another 10 pounds. I did fairly well on the “no sugar” thing. I did allow myself some for one of my kids’ birthdays and Easter. No holidays in May, so it will be interesting to see how a whole month without sugar goes. I feel happy to think I’m making progress against my sugar addiction.

  3. Yay! Finished my half-marathon! I stopped training for three weeks in there from an injury then at the last minute decided to do it anyway. 🙂 Yeah, I was slooooooooow, but I DID IT! I’m proud and looking to the future! Nice job Abrey and “Sunny”!!!!! 😉

  4. Abrey, oh my! I hope you’re doing well, the back is healing, that it’s not been too much of a headache to come back from…. Your words uplift me. Seriously. Anytime you say something it’s a mood brightener. I love having you on here.

    Sunny, hot dang, girl! That’s a HUGE feat! you’re amazing. Your resolve is epic. You overcoming your sugar addiction inspires me to overcome my water aversion.

    Nicki, you’re incredible! Everytime the song “Blue Skies” comes up on my iPod while I’m running, I think of you and when we were running that Mauston halfie a while back and you explaining to me the principle of tai chi that when you turn your face upward to the sky it helps. I hope you get to ride that tidal wave high of “HOLY CRAP I DID IT!” for a very very long time to come.

    As for how I finished, I had a weak last week, but I’m still proud of my accomplishments. I finished April down a total of 5.7 lbs and I drank a LOT less soda. May is going to be my time to challenge excuses 🙂


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