Acknowledge the Emotions

Breaking our old patterns is hard work.  When we were stressed, we over-ate, we didn’t sleep well, we didn’t workout, we turned to junk food, etc.  Now that we’re on a healthier journey, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when we get stressed out or when emotions are overpowering.  We don’t want to turn to our old stress-relievers.  We want to turn to new stress-relievers like exercise!  I want to share this awesome message from Vanessa Kennon, a motivational speaker I like and from whom I get some cool emails once in a while:

“It’s a bit overwhelming to know where to place our focus as emotions ebb and flow.

 It’s times like these that I hope each of us has some sort of practice that reconnects or grounds us.  For some it is prayer, meditation, journaling or perhaps something else.  No matter the method(s) you choose, it is important to have an outlet that brings you back to your core values and priorities.  It’s of supreme importance to know where to place our mental energy in time of upheaval.

 My choice just two nights ago was to sit quietly and be alone with my thoughts.  This can sometimes be a challenge in-and-of itself.  I’ve learned it’s in these quiet moments I have to sit with what is often a most uncomfortable thought or feeling.  And I find just “being with” that emotion, in all its difficulty, is what gets me through it.  Sure we can all anesthetize by way of busying ourselves, spending money we don’t have, turning to food, alcohol or other means to avoid the pain of what’s really going on inside.  But after all that, the emotion/thought/feeling is still there waiting to be dealt with. 

 If we can allow ourselves gentle kindness and compassion, there is freedom on the other side.  We’ve heard it said many times before that freedom comes at a price and freedom of the mind is no different.  I challenge you today to take a moment to “be” with yourself and your thoughts to truly know what it is that’s important to you and where your focus needs to be.  A sort of centering, re-prioritizing, or as I like to say, being “awake” to the real you.”

Do you catch yourself “anesthesizing?”  Exercise some self-compassion, some quiet moments, some me-time, and then you’re better prepared to continue taking on the world :).  Have a phenomenal day, everyone!

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