Prana Fitness is a business built on the principles of yoga.  The running groups and cycling groups have yogic & tai chi alignment and endurance principles.  This support blog urges you to create your future, to live a full life, to utilize your body to its full design and potential, and to be compassionate towards yourself.  The yoga classes…are….well…yoga.  Someday Prana Fitness will include personal training sessions using only your body, no weights or equipment.  Full library of yoga and fitness-related books and DVDs available to check out and borrow.  Bringing the principles of yoga and inner balance to open water swimming and triathlon support groups.  Fit Kids programs in local schools to promote yoga, activity, natural nutrition, and educate on childhood obesity.  Private appointments for Thai yoga massage or acupuncture or hypnobirthing or who else knows.  Hopefully someday Prana Fitness will open up shop in a few other metropolitan areas across the US, slowly building up a community-wide presence there.  It’s an exciting journey that has me giddy every single day.

In yogic philosophy, there’s a notion of certain practices and avoidances that will help purify your soul and make you a better individual, make you feel better.  These are called the yamas and niyamas.  One of those is this concept of “AHIMSA.”  Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning non-violence.   You could read entire books on the subject, but what most intrigues me is the idea that we are most violent towards ourselves.  We berate our reflection in the mirror, being violent to our emotional bodies.  We live with regrets or feelings of inadequacy.  We compare ourselves to others.  We ignore the good about ourselves and focus on the perceived bad about ourselves.  We put junk food into our bodies or consume destructive materials or avoid working out, being violent to our physical bodies.  Here’s more reading on Ahimsa if you’re interested: http://www.dlshq.org/teachings/ahimsa.htm

Today and always, keep the thought of ahimsa near your heart.  Exercise self-compassion.  It’s a journey to overcome years of self-violence, but it’s a conscious decision now, and someday it won’t be, it will come to you naturally.  Treat your body well.  Give it the exercise, the quiet moments, the healthy foods, the sleep, and the water that it deserves and craves, what it was designed to run on.  Be gentle towards yourself.  You are freakin’ amazing and deserve to be reminded of it once in a while….

How do you feel about this?  Despite your philosophical or religious beliefs, there’s something to it.  There’s some little nugget you can pull from it and make your day beautiful.  What nugget speaks to you?  How do you remember to exercise self-compassion?

This was from our old blog. Had to share it.  You know who you are! And you ARE beautiful!

One thought on “Ahimsa

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and how my relationship and inner dialogue with myself determines my actions. Don’t think I’m weird, but I’ve been trying to separate in my mind the physical Nicki and the spiritual Nicki. By doing that I can more easily see where my actions are coming from and I can cheer the right side on. Let’s face it, our actions happen because of that inner dialogue. Spiritual Nicki has it figured out, but has a hard time pulling physical Nicki in the right direction. It’s my physical body that craves chocolate, wants to rest, stay up late, and eats whatever it sees when it’s stressed. I need to make the spiritual side become louder and convince the physical part that it NEEDS to eat well, exercise, sleep more etc. My inner dialogue is turning more into cheering on my physical body and assuring it that this path is good and will be worth it in the long run. For whatever reason, seeing these two as separate entities and working on putting them on the same team visually helps me. Now, I do realize that this COULD be the beginnings of a multiple personality disorder, so lets hope I can keep myself in check. 🙂

    I’ll work on being kind to myself and focusing on the good rather than places where I’ve faltered. I had to do this with my half-marathon I ran a few weeks ago that I was sooo not ready for. 🙂 I came in 207th place! 214 people ran, so I am extremely grateful that I sailed by those last 7 slow pokes! Haa Haa 🙂 At least I beat the man wearing no socks and crocs, right?! 🙂 In the end it was a good experience and I felt great that I finished that race and didn’t give up when I certainly had reason to and could have.

    Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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