Never Too Late

Continuing with our No Excuses week, check out these 2 cyclocrossing grandmas, Nancy Brown & Julie Lockhart.

Julie is still doing this crazy, muddy, obstacle racing at age 70.

Nancy didn’t even  start cyclocross until she was 60 and after she’d had a heart attack.  When she first got her bike a few years ago, she couldn’t even  stand up on it for more than one stroke at a time.  Now she’s racing with a playful and competitive attitude, beating women who are 10 years younger than her.

These are some rugged divas!

Dig deep! it’s never too late.

What are some workouts you’ve been up to lately? What’s the one adventure or extreme sport you’ve always wanted to get into but haven’t yet?

3 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. Hey where is everybody!! I was going to post Monday night after reading about the yoga grandma. Challenged a few fears and went running on Tuesday morning. It wasn’t easy but I am sooo glad that I did it! I recently signed up for Tough Mudder in Wisconsin. It is a 10 mile race with 14 different obstacles that will be extremely challenging. I can’t wait!! I love these articles about challenging excuses and justifications we have that are holding us back from being the powerhouses we can be. Truly inspired and motivated today! Thanks Sarah!!

  2. Abrey, I love your inane appetite for adventure and pushing the envelope to the next big challenge. It’s motivating and contagious! Keep sharing! Good luck on the Tough Mudder! I agree, where is everybody?! 🙂

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