Challenges as New Doors

Continuing with No Excuses week, here’s a cool  story about an amputee athlete.  There are lots of amazing stories out there of paralympic athletes and amazing determination to overcome obstacles. I liked this one story about Jonathan Hosely in particular because of how he describes his unfathomable obstacle as opening new doors for him.

“I think some of the things I’ve accomplished I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t injured.”

Check out Phillipe Croizon, the quadruple amputee who swam the English Channel.   He “refused to let it slow him down.”

And my favorite for last, Ronnie Dickson.  He had a deformity in the growth plate of his knee and ankle, and after amputation picked up the sport of rock climbing.  How’s this for the epitome of this blog’s mantra of Challenge your Excuses:  Sometimes it’s tough, but as Ronnie says: “The second you take all your excuses and just throw them out the window is the second that you’ll realize your full potential.”

So the reason I’m sharing all of these stories of people overcoming obstacles is so that we see our obstacles in their relative place.  Whatever wall we encounter, there’s a way through it or around it.  What are some ways in which tossed your excuses out the window?

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