Don’t Argue for Your Limitations

Only you can control the inner chatter going on inside your head.  You dictate the dialogue, who’s invited to the gray matter bash, who isn’t, if you allow the naysayer to be the loudest guest or if you let the soothing breath pervade.    On the notion of quieting the inner naysayer, of believing in yourself, of surrounding yourself with people who will nurture your positivity, here are snippets from a message from a speaker I like, Dale Smith Thomas.  She says:  

“The importance of choosing positive thoughts and positive language… It seems so simple yet it is one of the most difficult life principles. 

Research indicates that we “talk” to ourselves about 50,000 times a day and that 80% of that talk is negative. These thoughts have a powerful effect on us. They affect our attitudes, our motivation to act, and they control our behavior. As Richard Bach once said, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” Your negative talk is exactly that, an argument for your limitations.

 Your negative thoughts do create physiological changes in your body. Think about a lie detector test. Your body reacts to your thoughts. Negative thoughts make you uptight and stressed. Positive thoughts make you relaxed, centered and alert…

What if we could silence the negative chatter and transform the negative energy that creates doubt and fear into positive power that would produce thoughts of unlimited possibility? … 

I have read that psychiatrist Daniel Amen has named the limiting thoughts we hear in our head- ANTs. Automatic Negative Thoughts. I love this!!

As I read that description it totally rang true to me. Think about ants. They are small but they are so irritating. They usually come with friends 😉 !! I believe the negative thoughts are the same way. You don’t usually have one negative thought you have many !!

I am sure you will agree that it seems that negative thoughts truly do seem automatic. I believe that most people instantly gravitate toward the negative. We have to dig for the positive. Our negative thoughts are the result of the information that we have fed our souls and we are repeating it….”

All that said, are you today “arguing for your limitations,” emphasizing your obstacles, and defending your excuses? Or instead are you being a cheerleader for your possibilities, celebrating your mini-successes each day, and challenging your excuses? 

3 thoughts on “Don’t Argue for Your Limitations

  1. This is great! As a Mom I realize my love may be the only truly constant love my children ever receive. Well, I need to apply that to myself. Loving myself may be the only chance to get that constant and complete love/respect I feel I deserve from my spouse, parents, etc. Time to change the self talk!

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