Big Dreams

After yesterday’s post, I found it an incredible coincidence that I came across a very similar message from another speaker/author I like, Vanessa Kennon.  She talks about thinking big in our dreams, and not placing limitations on ourselves:

“…The only limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves.  “It takes no more time, energy or effort to think a big thought than a small one…” Why think little thoughts or dream small dreams?  You only attract exactly enough to fulfill just that…. a small thought or dream.”

In your healthy-living journey or weight-loss journey, believe in yourself.  You have the capacity to achieve big goals.  Don’t build brick walls in your path.  We all know it seems life plants enough brick walls in each of our paths to re-build the Great Wall of China.  You don’t need yourself out there assisting in the project with a bucket of mortar and a spade.  Learn how to scale brick walls, how to dance around them, how to plow through them.  You are only limited when you decide you are limited.  You are amazing individuals with an innate courage and strength within you.  Tap into it.  Try for just a few minutes to be extra-confident and extra-determined and extra-strong.  Then reflect on that how darn natural that feels, as though that’s how we were designed to feel.  Live a limitless life of your biggest dreams. Get excited about your healthy goals.  Get excited about every day little steps towards those goals.  It’s a journey to be enjoyed and celebrated all along the way.

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