Get a Move On it!

Hustle & bustle moves that gristle!  Losing weight is as simple as burning more calories than you take in.  Using an online diary like My Fitness Pal or Daily Burn or Web MD or Weight Watchers can help make sure that you’re aiming for the right net calorie goals.  Eating right is important, but don’t overlook the powerful impact of getting active in your healthy living goals!  Here are some common activities and workouts with the average calorie burn.  Keep in mind that it depends on your current size, gender, and how hard you’re workin’ it, but these averages are good estimators for your next workout:

  • Walking 1 hour at leisurely pace = Burns 193 calories
  • Running 1 mile = Burns 105 calories
  • Bikram/Hot Yoga 90 min class = Burns 893 calories
  • Spinning 60 min class = Burns 600 calories
  • Hatha/Yin 60 min yoga class = Burns 168 calories
  • Dancing 60 mins = Burns 309 calories
  • Swimming freestyle laps 30 mins = Burns 322 calories
  • Vigorous cleaning of the house 60 mins = Burns 203 calories
  • Climbing stairs 15 mins = Burns 145 calories
  • Hiking 2 hours = Burns 883 calories
  • Golf driving range 30 mins = Burns 110 calories
  • Calisthenics (pushups & situps) 15 mins = Burns 129 calories
  • Cycling moderate 12-15mph for 60 mins = Burns 515 calories

What is your favorite workout? Which ones have you tried during the month of May?  Have you used a heart rate monitor and gotten exact calorie burn per activity? If so, please share!  Chat it up on here! Love hearing from you.

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