The last day of May is here already?! Hope it flew by in a good way for you.  Check-in here, tell us all how the month of May went for your healthy living goals. Can’t wait to hear.  And spread the word to your friends that June challenge starts tomorrow morning!

2 thoughts on “Check-In

  1. Where does the time go! I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all month. More mentally than anything else, but that spills over to everything else…

    I went to an amazing workshop last Thursday and Friday and it helped me to remember that I have control over my choices. I choose to be healthy, in all aspects of life.

    Yesterday I went out on my bike for the second time this year. It was almost 90 degrees and wind like you can’t believe. I wanted to quit, but there wasn’t anyone to come get me! I to a rest and finished. On The Biggest Loser gym wall there is a quote by Bob “Stand up and finish what you started” These are words for me to live by. Sarah, who is your friend that does the vinyl letters? I need to put that quote on the bathroom mirror under Challenge your excuses.

    This morning I restarted the couch to 5k, and I’m going to star the yoga personal revolution. The challenge is for 4 classes per week for 13 weeks, I’m going to challenge myself to 2 classes per week for the full 13 weeks. I have never made it past a couple of weeks in one of these challenges.

    Here’s to the start of a new month and finishing what I’ve started!!!!


  2. Thanks for checking in, Amy!
    As for me, my accomplishment for May that I’m going to celebrate is that I’ve been 9 days without caffeine or soda 🙂 What what!

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