Introduction to June Challenge

This blog is a free support group environment for men & women looking to live healthier, vibrant lives. We are from all across the country and challenge our own individual excuses every day to live a healthier, active lifestyle. If commenting anywhere on this blog, you’ve got to try your darndest to be positive and uplifting. Over time, you’ll get to know each other a little, cheer & be cheered, uplift & be uplifted, inspire & be inspired. Weight loss and lifestyle renovating take time- it’s a marathon and not a sprint. This awesome group of people will help you on your journey, whether your just starting out, if you’re almost to your goal, or even if you’re aiming to maintain. No fad diets, just honestly trying our hardest to make overall changes for the better in our habits.

There are a few keys to this blog’s success: First, everyone’s holding you accountable, in a positive and fun way, to whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. No nagging, but just encouragement, people excited to hear how you’re doing. Second, we have awesome tools for tracking calories burned & calories consumed with the My Fitness Pal free online profile, and awesome tips & tricks for healthy lifestyles from all the friends participating in this blog. And third, we keep healthy living at the forefront of your thoughts each day by either emailing you the post each weekday or emailing you every time another individual comments (you can sign up to receive posts via the Email Subscription tool on the side bar and if you make a comment on a post you can check the box to receive all follow-up comments by email).

You can click on any topic that interests you in the cloud of topics on the side of the blog and it will pull up all posts with that particular topic as the label.

So, are you in? We hope so! If you are, follow these steps to get all set up on the program. This next 1 month round will begin with check-in or weigh-in & measurements on June 1st and will conclude with check-in or weigh-in & measurements on June 31st. This 1 month round time frame is helpful for most of us to set a goal, getting you well on your way for a healthy habit to form. You can jump in whenever, though, and toss aside the notion of time frames.

1.Create a free personal profile on the My Fitness Pal website. This is what you’ll use to enter in your goals, weight, measurements, calories consumed, calories burned, etc. (alternatively, you could use other online food/workout diaries like The Daily Burn or WebMD or keep a handwritten log in a paper notebook).

2.Then comment on a post and introduce yourself to all the fellow blog readers. You don’t have to tell us your real name. We’d love to see what your favorite workout is, what your favorite healthy snack is, what your goal for this challenge is, and what your reward will be when you succeed.

3.On the morning of June 1st log into your My Fitness Pal profile and enter your starting weight and all the starting measurements you want to. Start tracking calories consumed & calories burned through workouts (easy with its free iPhone app). Check in daily to the blog here to let us know how it’s going, what you’re up to, share your successes & encouragement, pose questions to other bloggers & start discussions, provide tips, etc. We’ll ask for specific things in the posts for you to add your comment on or to check-in on, too.

So go out and get everyone to jump on the challenge here and decide now to challenge their excuses and reach the fitness goals they want to hit, to live the healthiest happiest versions of themselves that are hiding deep down within.

One thought on “Introduction to June Challenge

  1. My June goal is going to be to continue caffeine & soda free, as well as being more consistent in all aspects of my fitness (getting in 4 runs a week, taking a fitness/yoga class a week as a student). If I hit this, I’ll be really happy and reward myself w/ a massage or pedi.

    Share your June healthy living goals!!!


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