Track it

Did you know that if you write down what you eat you’re more likely to eat healthy and stay on track with your goals?

Check out these online food journals from Fitness Cheerleader.  I’m partial to My Fitness Pal which isn’t listed, though.

According to Weight Loss Report, “a new study from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research claims that keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss. keeping diary

According to researchers

  • The more food diary people keeping, the more weight they lost
  • Those who is keeping daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records

It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.

Researchers explain that just the act of scribbling down what we eat on a Post-it note, sending e-mails to us tallying each meal, or sending ourself a text message will suffice. This simple writing creates the process of reflecting on what we eat that helps us become aware of our habits, and hopefully change our behavior and lifestyle”

Do any of you keep a diary of what you eat & what you burn each day????  If so, please share which one and what you like about it.


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