Check-in & New Side Challenge

Check-on-in, folks! Let us know how your goals are progressing.  5 days done into June already.  Are you feeling great? What has helped you?  What will inspire you for the remaining 25 days?

On our old blog format, we’d do side challenges, started by the lovely Marin.  It’s a challenge/contest posed to all the blog readers for a short, set amount of time.  Then there’s usually a prize at the end.  Let’s launch Prana Fitness’ first official side challenge!

Monday through Friday of this week, make a comment each evening with EXACTLY what you’ve eaten and what workouts you’ve done.  Those who complete this challenge (not playing catch up for multiple days all at one time, not predicting what you will eat that day, but actually every night posting what you DID consume and burn that day) will be entered in a random drawing to win a LifeFactory 22oz glass water bottle in whatever color you want, my absolute favorite prize ever done in a side challenge anywhere.  It’s a WONDERFUL water bottle, $27 value.  Prana Fitness will ship it straight to you. 

How’s THAT for accountability?  So let’s have fun with it!  Who’s in?

11 thoughts on “Check-in & New Side Challenge

  1. I’m down 17.6 lbs. For the most part, I’m still avoiding sugar. I have had a little here or there, but certainly not the 3-4 desserts each day that I used to eat. My cravings for sugar are gradually decreasing, too, which helps me stay motivated. I find getting enough sleep and managing my stress are the key to everything. Just being aware and engaging in some self talk help a lot: “I’m feeling really stressed right now because someone has been screaming for 10 minutes straight. But that doesn’t mean I need to eat.”
    the exercise, I find myself feeling really tired and overeating to stay awake).

  2. Peanut trail mix 1 cup
    Gold fish
    Chicken burrito w beans
    Chips and salsa
    Chicken burrito
    No activity whatsoever…lots of driving. I’ll do better tomorrow!

  3. Hey everyone! My goals are pretty much on track right now. I have lost 24 lbs since March and still attending Farrell’s. I just finished my first 10 weeks and now continuing the program for a year. I need to focus on getting more sleep though. I’ve been super tired lately. Today was kickboxing. Here’s what I ate:
    Sandwich Thins w/Peanut Butter
    String Cheese
    Chobani Greek Yogurt Honey
    Lean Cuisine Spinach and Mushroom Pizza
    Special K Bar – Chocolately Pretzel
    String Cheese
    BLT on a Pita (no mayo)

    1. How did your final testing go? I was going to email you last week to see how it went. You signed up for the year?!?! That is awesome!! Have you considered signing up for the year $10,000 contest? I hope you are still enjoying kickboxing. I LOVE kickboxing!! Make it a great day!

      1. Final testing was pretty good. I posted about it on my blog if you want to check it out.
        I do love the kickboxing, but I have a hard time making it through because I realized that I get more exhausted during the class in the morning, rather than at night. Unfortunately, I have to attend 2 of the kickboxing classes in the morning because I work at night. It partly has to do with my blood sugar level. I can’t eat right away in the morning and the 2 times I did before class is when I ended up getting sick. So it’s something I just have to work through. I’m hoping if I start getting more sleep that might do the trick. I decided to keep going with the program because it works. It’s not easy that’s for sure. But I still had good results. They asked me to be a coach for the next group that starts, so I’m thinking about doing that. It might help keep my motivation up. Plus, I referred 2 people that signed up so I’ll have to make sure I don’t slack off for them too!

  4. Whoa! Jen & Sunny that is awesome progress! Jen, your breaking sugar addiction inspired me to break my caffeine addiction. I’m now 13 days free of caffeine and all sodas. I get exhausted at night, but I know I’m am making strides in increasing the quality of my food. Now, just a side note, Prana Fitness does not prescribe to any one set of recommendations for what one must do or not do. You guys all set your own goals, your own strides forward, your own emphases. That said, I’m doing another vegan experiment to see if my body feels stronger and more energetic. This time plan on lasting longer! So one day down and I did well!
    I ate today:
    – 1 peppermint tea bag (2 big mugs)
    – 1 grapefruit w/ 1 avocado, diced
    – NuDe chai spice chocolate chip bad
    – Strawberry Kambucha
    – pckg of Emerald bold lime ‘n chili almonds
    – 5 falafel w/ tahini sauce
    – mint lemonade
    – 22 additional ounces of plain water

  5. Erianne-
    Yummy to the chicken burritos! Good roadtrip food choice. Good luck in the move this week and remember to breathe, Superwoman! You’re doing great!

  6. Omg, ok, you are going to FREAK when you see my diet today:

    Breakfast: banana and a piece of coffee cake
    Lunch: BBQ chicken salad at Chili’s (didn’t eat the whole thing – this is one of my goals! To actually throw away food at restaurants rather than eating the whole plate…)
    Snack: a couple of spoons of cookie dough (a couple meaning 4…)
    Dinner: Carrots & hummus, strawberries, a couple cherries, and, like, 2 pounds of cookie dough…. !!!! Ok, maybe not 2 pounds but it was a lot.

    On top of that, I did a 1 hour cardio kickboxing class tonight. Probably burned a lot of calories but I damn near passed out. Now I just feel really weird… 🙂

  7. Hey! I woke up this morning and saw the text. I am more of a morning person than a night person. I am staying on track with consistent workouts and focusing really hard on making good food choices to fuel my body. I recently signed up for Tough Mudder which is a 10 mile race with 19 obstacles. It is tagged as the world’s toughest event. We shall see.

    Food Yesterday
    Two eggs scrambled with a piece of toast
    Protein drink- frozen strawberries, soy milk, and one scoop protein powder
    Taco salad – spicy black bean patty, salad, salsa, and light sour cream
    1 cup frosted shredded wheat with 1 cup milk
    BBQ pork ribs, mixed veggies, and watermelon

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