In Tune

Over time, after a long while of practicing a healthy diet and being within your daily caloric intake goals, we come to be in tune with our bodies.  What does “in tune” mean?

Like Abrey & Michele shared last week, when they eat junk they’re reminded how junky junk makes them feel, and contrastively how great good food makes them feel.   So then we begin the process of upgrading the quality of our foods.  Sure, you can be under your daily caloric intake goal with a king size Snickers and a bag of Cheetos, but is that really going to fuel you for prime physical, mental, and emotional performance?  It’s a long road of trial and error, because every body reacts differently to what you put in it, but we can work towards each food we eat having pack maximum punch per calorie.

Have you ever tried an elimination diet?  When under a very well supervised and planned out program, it can help you learn more about your body.  A yoga studio here in Denver has a program just like that.  It’s several months long.  You eat a prescribed “clean diet” of non-allergen foods and then gradually add in a new type of food.  You’re then able to see for instance if you’re lactose intolerant, or if you have a gluten allergy, or if you’re mildly allergic to something.  The goal is NOT weight loss, and cabbage soup diets & the like to NOT work and are NOT healthy.  The purpose of this kind of program is to help you learn more about what your body likes, what it doesn’t like, what helps it perform, how does each food make you feel, etc.  so that you can then on a long-term basis eat what makes you feel the best.

You can do experiments similar to this on your own.  Experiment with a few weeks of being milk-free then reintroduce milk and see how it makes you feel.  Or meat.  Or wheat.  Or gluten.  Or anything!  You NEED to become your body’s biggest expert and advocate.  I’ve been experimenting with being vegan the last 10 days and I’ve been caffeine-free and soda-free for the last 29 days.  But who’s counting… ha! I’m all about the experimentin’!  Verdict is still out on both- gotta keep going to really tell for myself.

Another aspect of what it means to be in “tune” with your body is to listen to it.  Not just what foods make it feel good and perform the best as described above, but listening to its CRAVINGS.  If your body is craving something salty, maybe that means it’s under-hydrated.  Your body could be sending salty signals b/c that’s its survival mechanism to retain and conserve water.  If your body is craving something sweet, maybe that means you’re not getting enough fruit.  If your body is craving carbs, maybe that means it’s not getting the wholesome fuel it needs to be energized for endurance.  If your body is craving crunch, maybe you need more veggies in your life. 

If you get your body’s back, it will get your’s 🙂

Share your thoughts & experiences on getting in tune with your body!

3 thoughts on “In Tune

  1. Thank you, Sarah! What a wonderful way to think about the way we eat. We’ve been travelling across the country on a move and have been stopping when we’re hungry and trying to get lots done, and each day I feel myself feeling worse and worse…and I know it’s completely tied to the junk I’ve let myself eat. Thinking about it makes me sad :). I love the salt-water, sugar-fruit craving pairings. I’m going to do it!!

  2. I definitely can feel myself craving salt and sweet. I’ve often wondered what to do with the sweet, but this helps. I love fruit, so I guess I need more of it! I know if I don’t drink enough water, I get terrible headaches. This is especially true when I’m working, so I’m trying to drink more water when I stop to take a drink.
    I love all the info that you offer and it’s very refreshing to my life.

  3. Eri, just tip toe around the brick walls life puts in front of you! It doesn’t have to be a fantabulous bust down & topple. Even if it’s a tiny little snack choice here & there amongst the chaos, it’s still a good thing and it’s still a step in the right direction. None of us have to think it’s an all or nothing kind of deal……today’s post 🙂

    Candy, thanks for sharing! Yes, not getting enough water definitely causes headaches & fatigue! Keep on drinkin’ the clear stuff, girl! Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see you on here!

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