Kick Back

Where in our lives did we get it in our heads that healthy living is an “all or nothing” type deal?    Where we’re either 100% healthy in our choices or 0% healthy in our choices?  We all have that.  We do precisely and perfectly well in sticking to our goals, then we slip up, maybe even just one meal, and then instead of accepting the slip up and continuing on our journey, we decide to turn it into a massive “Oh, Well” mud slide and let it all go.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve done that.  That’s why gyms are so packed on Mondays and dead on Thursdays & Fridays!  That’s why Weight Watchers is busting at the seams in January and struggling in November & December!  It’s human nature.  But why does it have to be that way?  It doesn’t. CHALLENGE IT!  The next time you slip up, make your next choice back on track.  It’s ok to slip up once in a while.  But a slip up is different from a binge and falling off the wagon completely.  Avoid binges by not living in total deprivation along the way (have a bite of chocolate here & there, dang it! 🙂 ).  Find non-food related ways to fight stress.  Stay active and moving.  Comment on here so that we can all uplift and encourage you.  Remember it’s not a zero-sum-game.  It’s a lifelong journey with ups & downs but all headed in the general direction of health.  Make it a phenomenal weekend!

One thought on “Kick Back

  1. Instead of dieting for the past few months, I am choosing to view my healthier eating as a lifestyle. I make sure to live/eat each day in a way I feel I could sustain forever (and hopefully this will make the maintenance phase easier, too).

    The longer I do this, the more I realize even those days when I eat a piece of cake are a PART of being “On the Wagon.” Who says chocolate or sweets aren’t allowed? Just maybe only have them less often, or in smaller portions.

    For example, this morning I was craving a juicy beef hot dog. I happened to have some right in the fridge (kids love them). I cooked it, put it on a bun, then gave half of it to someone else. And I was satisfied without overdoing it. Small choices every day make us who we are. I choose health.

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