Metabolism is like a fire that burns inside of you, roasting calories.  Did you know there are certain things you can do to fuel your metabolism and keep it roaring all day long?  Metabolism rises or falls based on what signals you give it.

I went to a seminar yesterday for my day job and keeping metabolism roaring all day was one of the brief topics the speaker touched on, Dr. Robert K. Cooper.

When you live uber-stressed-out or in panic mode, it’s going to cause your body to think it’s about to trek across Siberia tonight and so it conserves every possible calorie for survival mode and stores it as fat.

Guilt is fattening; it triggers fat-storing hormones.

“Metabolism is how the brain and body make energy to be most engaged, attentive, alive, fit…”

Keeping your metabolism up will burn more fat, keep you more alert, and help you stay younger.  Things you can do to keep your metabolism roaring all day must be done every 3 hours:

  • Muscle toning, even a minute
  • Stand up
  • Glimpse bright light
  • Sip cold water
  • Bite of a healthy snack
  • Changing posture
  • Changing breathing
  • Changing view

What are some ways that you keep your metabolism roaring?  When you’re super stressed, do you notice even if you’re eating right that you don’t lose weight like you do when you’re more calm in general?  What are some ways you stay out of painic-mode?


3 thoughts on “Metabolism

  1. Sarah, you had to KNOW I would comment here! Yes, when I’m extremely relaxed (i.e. stay in bed all day or read a book most of the day) I lose TONS of weight. That has been my challenge: DO LESS. STAY CALM. It works. If running on my treadmill is starting to stress me out, I go back to walking. It’s all about the hormones and I don’t want cortisol raging in my body. Love this post!

  2. Thank you! It’s funny how much stress effects every part of your body/life/well-being. Thank you for the tips – I just looked out the window and took a deep breath…I’m feeling healthier and less stressed already!

  3. Sunny – that is fascinating! I’ve never heard this before…but so true…another reminder to find workouts that fill your soul rather than add one more hectic thing to an already over-jammed schedule. This is one reason why I love Zumba…it’s fun and I love it…AND it’s a great workout. There are so many fun things to do…we need to remember to keep looking for new adventures. I think we might try kayaking this week…that would be fun!

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