I love this article from Yoga Journal, Nurture the New You. Check it out.  It’s all about a gentle approach to whatever healthy living goals you’ve set for yourself.  About disconnecting slip-ups from your sense of self, about being compassionate towards yourself, forgiving, and positive.

“…Replace the hard-headed discipline with self-compassion. Studies show it’s a more effective strategy for making all kinds of behavioral changes…. If you are gentle with yourself and accept your setbacks with compassion, you can change your life for the better. New scientific research is giving this ancient wisdom credence and showing that, when it comes to making a change, self-compassion is your greatest source of strength. ”

“‘Patanjali says that the mind is like a brilliant gem, a diamond…Over a lifetime, that shiny diamond gets dirty, dusty, coated over by conditioned thoughts and the experiences we have. We lose touch with our inner brilliance —the light of the inner Self —and can’t even remember that it’s there.’ Yoga is the process of cleaning the mind and whatever is blocking the inner light —the part of you that doesn’t need to be fixed, controlled, or perfected. When you think of changing a pattern that’s not serving you in this way —that is, as cleaning away accumulated dust of the mind, which blocks your just-right Self —it causes you to view the negative behavior from a more compassionate point of view.”

Your “SELF” is just right. I love that.  It’s always just right.  Keep that in mind no matter what mountain you’re climbing.

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