Wanna hear how tough Abrey was in her race last Saturday?

Here’s what she says:

“Tough Mudder is tough!  Go figure.  There was never a question on my mind IF I was going to finish the question was HOW! I was on a team of 25 people that started this beast of an obstacle course together and ended together arms linked as we crossed the finish after 4.5 hours.  The feeling of team work and camaraderie is so hard to describe.  I have been on a lot of sports teams and nothing compares to this.   This course challenges everyone differently so that when you are truly afraid of an obstacle someone on your team in one case literally carries you on their back.  Then you go to the next obstacle and you are the strong one and able to help.  I have trust issues especially with people picking me up and man did I have to face this fear time and time again!  I injured my left shoulder and neck which caused me to sit and rest for 2 weeks before this event.  I was really nervous about being the weak link and not being able to complete everything and possibly hurting the team.  My team was so worried about my arm and continued to check on me and help me through all the obstacles.  I could not have done it without them and they were not going to let me get more injured or leave me behind.  It was an amazing, great and fun experience and I am grateful I had the opportunity.  The question most people are asking is “Are you going to do it again?”  My answer is YES!!  Same place October 2012  Bring it on!! ”

Dang, girl. You. Are. Amazing.

Thanks for inspiring all of us to be tough!

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