Cross Train for the Sport of Life

Having recently this summer taught a Yoga for Runners workshop and a Yoga for Cyclists workshop, and having posted on here recently about yoga being a wonderful cross training tool for all athletes, I have been thinking about chaotic life lately being a sport in & of itself. 

Life is a sport that works us, requires endurance and balance, pulls us in many directions at once, teeters us off-balance, takes away our breath, and wears out certain parts of our bodies more than others.  Yoga can speed up recovery time for day-to-day life.  Yoga works the underworked parts of the body (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental…) and relaxes the overworked parts of the body.  It slows us down and causes us to reflect, put things in perspective, breathe.  It invigorates and revitalizes us.  It makes us recover faster, make the rough roads of life smooth, and makes our backs so slippery that chaos and drama can slide right off it instead of sticking. 

If you’re into yoga or not into yoga, doesn’t matter, but try this coming week to take a few moments to breathe, to slow down, to reflect, to stretch, to know every fiber of your being, and to be comfortable and happy with YOU.  It will make the sport of life so much more enjoyable. 

Would love to hear from you!  Please comment, share, check-in, let us know if you’re out there and where you’re at on your healthy living journey.  Have a beautiful sunshiney weekend.

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