Believe in Yourself

Ponder this sweet nugget from Vanessa Kennon:

“…Henry Ford …said “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  …Our belief in our self can be the one determining factor that makes or breaks us.  Our beliefs can change the way we go about approaching tasks, they determine our speech on topics, among other things they can certainly determine the effort we give to projects or our aspirations.

 Stop and think for a moment.  Hasn’t there been a time when a teacher or a boss told you how to perform a task and you absolutely knew their way was not going to work?  You didn’t give it your best effort, did you?  I confess!  I’ve had this happen more than once and my thought process was “Why would I give this a whole-hearted effort?  It’s never going to work.”  I admit on occasion I was wrong but the point is, if I didn’t believe it was going to work, there was no way I was giving it my all.

 I had a conversation on the topic of beliefs with my daughter just last week.  She was asking me some very probing questions about LIFE!  I explained to her that my honest belief is it’s all about what takes place between your ears.  I’ve mentioned this time and time before and I hold firm to it. 

 We can teach ourselves to see (i.e. believe) the positive or the negative.  I promise you whichever it is you cling to is exactly what you will find.

 She persisted in her line of questioning… “Ok, but how do you make yourself believe something?”  I just smiled because I love it when I get to go back to the simple basics – 1) Input equals output and 2) A belief is a decision.

 When it comes to both of the above assertions, it is quite simple:  what you read, watch, listen to, and absorb into your brain in any format on a consistent basis will eventually become what you adhere to.  So make sure it’s quality input.  Lastly, a belief is really nothing more that deciding to claim something as your own way of thinking and behaving.

 Isn’t it time you believe in your ability to triumph?”

What do you think? How do you find and surround yourself with good input?

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