End of August Check-In

Where’d the month go?!  Please share with us all how you feel about it.  Did you make progress towards your healthy living goals you set for yourself, whatever they may have been?

As you sink into your comfy beds tonight at the close of an incredible month, release control, relax, and savor how incredibly awesome you are.  No matter what happened this month, you are the one and only you, and that is beautiful.  Let your mind be still, be present, for you to heal, and to integrate all that you are into that beauty.

“Submitting to peaceful relaxation will take power away from the ego… when you are able to make your mind your best friend, … you achieve a gradual healing and integration of both body & mind.”  – Bikram

Thanks for being you and for supporting the sapling of Prana Fitness!

Share your thoughts & show some love!

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