September Fresh Start

A new month! A new beginning! Will you comment on the blog?

Consider setting a small healthy living goal for yourself.  Nothing too drastic or overwhelming. Just some small adjustment that you can make this month to live more fully, with more energy, more YOU.

Some ideas if you’re stumped:

  • Attend a fitness class x number of times a week
  • Go for a long walk after dinner whenever possible
  • Swap Greek yogurt for ice cream
  • Try a new healthy recipe once a week
  • Hit the sack earlier
  • Eliminate ___ from your diet
  • Eat green leafy veggies every day
  • Spend a few quiet moments being thoughtful each morning
  • Lose ___ lbs
  • Drink ___ glasses of water a day
  • Have an active adventure with the kids each weekend

Be creative and share your goal for August when you introduce yourself on the blog as a comment to this post.  Prana Fitness will post once in a while with tips, tricks, or things to ponder.  Your participation means everything.  Thank you for your support!  Ready….set….go….

2 thoughts on “September Fresh Start

  1. My goal for September is to declare 10 hours each evening thru morning (say 9pm to 7am) as electronic free. I want to engage more in the present moment and spend fewer moments with my head down. 🙂

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