Favorite Bars

No, I’m not asking about late night libations; I’m asking about your favorite NUTRITION bar to eat!  Here’s mine 🙂The quick, on-the-go, nutritional snack bar of your choice.  Please share!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Bars

  1. I like to eat Cliff Builder bars the chocolate and peanut butter. I also like DeTour bars for a light snack instead of a complete meal replacement. I know several people who like the Zone bars especially the mint chocolate. Just be careful since these bars are around 200 cal. per bar.

  2. Abrey & Jeff, thanks for contributing! So great to hear form you.
    Abrey, have you tried the Clif Builder Bars in lemon? Just tried that last week & it was yummy. Nearly as yummy as the Luna Bars in lemon zest.
    Jeff, haven’t heard of NuGo! Is it a meal replacement type bar or a protein bar or just a snack bar?

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