So I just realized my last 3 posts were about food.  Haha.  Guess I like food.

Here’s to being active this fall! 

It is so so so so so so vital to your health journey and your happiness to find a workout routine that YOU’RE passionate about, not what someone else is passionate about.  Some like running, some detest it.  Some enjoy cycling, others’ backsides can’t stand it.  Some ohm on their yoga mats, others can’t get into it.  Some smash up boxing bags, some don’t like it.  Some swim, others drown.  Ok, maybe not drown, but close to it, ha.  You get it.  If you decide in your mind that someone else’s THING is the definition of what it means to be active and fit, you’re going to be sorely disappointed when you try and fail (because there’s no passion there for you) to live up to that distorted belief of fitness. 

How do you find your THING to be passionate about? Lots and lots and lots and lots of fun adventure.  Try a hike. Try a jog. Try finding a rock climbing gym near you. Try scrambling around a playground jungle gym. Try cross fit. Try renting some bikes from your local outdoor store. Try a swim class at your gym. Try a yoga class. Try Pilates. Try boxing. Try personal trainers.  Try ice skating. Try rollerblading. Try every single machine your gym offers, a different one every day for a week at least.  Try steamy sex, hahaha. (A side benefit of this fun search for your workout that you’re passionate about is that all this muscle confusion will give you GREAT burn)

So comment on here with your craziest workout adventure.  If you’ve found the workout that YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT, share that, too!  Be true to you.  Sing your own song.  It just doesn’t come out on key if you sing someone else’s.

One thought on “Passion

  1. I love the last sentences about singing your own song! This post is so true about finding your passion. I have been extremely blessed to have found my true passion in kickboxing and a truly amazing facility with great support and positive people. I registered almost exactly a year ago today to take on a 10 week transformation challenge and haven’t looked back since! I have truly transformed my body and have made huge progress on the emotional side of health. Through this program I have been able to accomplish personal goals and am looking to take on even greater adventures. Next spring I am looking to enter the world of biking to take on the next item on my bucket list a century ride!

    I have been reading the post even though I haven’t posted in awhile. How is everyone else doing???

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