3 thoughts on “Check-In

  1. Lots has changed here over the last 2 months. Right before we went to The Bahamas, I broke down and joined Gold’s gym. My weight had consistently stayed down from my all time high at the beginning of my first 10 in 6, (what was that 2 years ago, maybe 3?) but I was up from last year and no progress was being made. While we were on our trip, I told Tim that needed to find it in the budget for a trainer, so I came home and found one. I’m so glad I did.

    I am making progress again! both with my weight and my overall fitness. I needed another point of accountability. I only see her max 1x/week, but I’m responsible for e-mailing after each workout, and I hear about it if I’m not doing what I should.!

    The other huge change for me is that I found out I have sensitivities to wheat, dairy and eggs! This has forced me to take an even closer look at my food choices and I have to cook! It’s pretty much impossible to to accommodate these restrictions. As a result I’m eating so much healthier and feel much better.

    Overall, good things are happening!

  2. Way to go Amy!! It is sooo good to hear that you are taking charge of your life and making progress towards your goals. Having someone to be accountable to can be a huge tool. It is great that you are making yourself a priority.

    I can’t believe it is October already! The year is almost over CRAZY! I think I have been reminiscing a lot the last week or so since I will be attending my college homecoming this weekend. I haven’t been back in 9 years! I am looking forward to playing in the alumni volleyball and basketball games. A couple of weeks ago on facebook it said 2 years ago at this time your status post was “I am planning a SHORT run this Saturday. Right Sarah and Val!” This also got me thinking and reminiscing on the journey I have been on for the last 4 years since making that first half marathon goal then joining my first 10 in 6 challenge. It is still a work in progress but the big things I have learned on the way are I can do hard things, having a race gives training more purpose, life is one very long marathon with tons of ups and downs be happy with yourself today because waiting until you are at your goal weight or size isn’t going to make you happy. You have to love, honor, and respect yourself now and that is why you want to get health and be the best you can be.

    How is everyone else doing?? I miss hearing from so many of our original 10 in 6 group!

  3. Amy,
    I’m so excited to hear from you and smiled ear to ear when I read your post on Monday morning. The trainer to be accountable to is wonderful! I can’t wait to catch your enthusiasm on here….and maybe a few dairy-free recipes 🙂 Do share a couple when you have time!

    Maybe you should lead this blog? Hahaha. You’re awesome. We go way back in our fitness marathons together. You are one heck of an amazing athlete. I absolutely love that you guide and coach people now who are on their own journeys. You’re going to rock that campus and court. Have a WONDERFUL time spreading your love to your alma mater this weekend! Tell the 2 softball coaches I said hello 🙂 And anyone else who’s there I might have played with.

    I’m steady in my weight and getting stronger in my upper body. My upper body and core strength have always been weak compared to my running legs, but holding high plank pose is easier and easier as my shoulders and core are getting stronger. I’m proud of it 🙂 As of November, my weekly yoga class count that I teach will rise to 11 classes. And I work 45 hours a week at an office job. What’s interesting, though, regarding time management, is that the more I have on my schedule, the more efficient I am with my free time. I have enjoyed going on runs with my husband once a week, we hit up (as practicioners) a heated yoga class together once or twice a week, and I usually get in a long bike ride once a week. Granted, no kiddos in the equation, but just want to challenge you all to find small moments for working out doing varied things you like amidst your chaoticly busy lives. This Friday we’ll be driving 10 hours, for our Saturday century ride! It’s the same one I did last year as my first century ride. I don’t know that I feel ready for it, but then again I don’t ever really feel ready for any event, but I still rock it out with endurance. Tortoise wins the race 🙂 Excited for the race day adrenaline to rush through my body. A few weeks ago I did an all-women’s 5K mud run and that race day excitement ignited something inside me to want to run/ride in big events again (it had been 14 months since a race of any kind for me). Whatever your week carries for you, I hope you all have a wonderful one! Make it wonderful. Sit in the driver’s seat of your life.
    Lots of love to you all!
    -Sarah 🙂

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