Fitness Dreams

I just made a long comment onto Monday’s check-in post, so read that, too.

Happy Wednesday, all!  This quote can be applied to a lot of things, but here I want to apply it to fitness.  A sweet lady that I adore is afraid to go to a yoga class (lives in a diff state than me) because she’s out of shape and has never been to a yoga class and doesn’t want to be embarrassed, but she REALLY wants to go.  Another sweet girl I love says she doesn’t want to go to a yoga studio until she’s lost more weight.  Million of the same stories with other folks and other fitness activities.   I also have equally awesome stories of friends I know who have challenged their own limitations and have gotten their amazing selves out there to embark on a new adventure: large cyclists, balance-challenged yogis, & I-can-only-jog-half-a-block runners.

Have any of you experienced this or seen this happen with a friend?  Please share what you/they did, reacted, felt, etc.   Would love to hear the story!

What are your fitness dreams?  Is there a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try but have been too embarrassed or self-conscious to attempt?

Stop putting limitations on yourself, who cares what you look like or if you feel silly doing what you want to do, just get out there and do it.  Don’t rob yourself of the experience.  Perhaps you’ll LOVE it!  Most of the obstacles in our lives are put there by ourselves.  Challenge your excuses.  Be brave.  Be courageous.  Be loving and compassionate towards yourself.  This is how you were designed to be.  Love to you all!

One thought on “Fitness Dreams

  1. I have wanted to try barefoot/minimalist running but I’ve been afraid of it for some reason. Thought I’d look goofy, or thought I’d hurt my feet. I’ve heard friends who warn how dangerous it is, because they know someone whose arches fell. I’ve heard more friends who advocate it as being absolutely amazing and pain-free compared to how you get achy in the hips and knees when running in sneakers. But Monday I went out for a tentative little jog in the neighborhood by a gym I was about to teach at. It felt great! I was wearing vibrams, so not barefoot completely, a tiny bit more protective for if I step on something dangerous. After I got the hang of it (immediately learn to strike the ground with your mid-foot instead of heel), my pace actually got faster and faster while I was running. That has never happened to me. And I think my posture was better, torso more strongly upright and leaning. I softly plodded out 5 miles around the neighborhood & park. And I didn’t feel goofy for doing it! Two days later my low calves are pretty dang tight/spent from using leg muscles I don’t normally use running, but I’ll try it out next week again and let you know how it goes. I’ve got to rest up for my century ride this Saturday! What’s something you’ve always wanted to try?


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