Yoga for Cyclists

Did you check out the yoga article in the most recent issue of Bicycling Magazine?

It went through some yoga stretches to help out cyclists’ backs.

Here are some other great yoga articles from Bicycling Magazine to:

  • Increase your speed “Yoga improves range of motion in your hips, strengthens your core, and minimizes muscle imbalances so you can ride longer, climb better, sprint faster and feel better on the bike.”
  • Build your power & balance “Cycling is a unique sport in that it fundamentally relies on power from the abdominals and lower back, but does virtually nothing to build or maintain it. In fact, cycling can sap your core strength and actually create problems”
  • Increase your mobility & comfort “Cyclists have tight hamstrings and hips, which makes it difficult to generate power in the aero position…you can increase your mobility on the bike with this five-minute postride routine.”

Depending on where in the world you live, maybe your cycling season has moved indoors for the winter, but couple your cycling training with the cross train of yoga this winter for an amazing start to the season of 2012.

If you’re local to Denver, mark your calendars now for my next Yoga for Cyclists workshop!  It’s Saturday, April 28th, 2012 3:00-4:30pm at The Yoga Mat in Denver, Colorado.

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