The 10 Yoga Class Challenge

Holiday craziness is upon us. Check in with your body & breath regularly to remember you are naturally strong & tranquil.  What better way to chill out & experience holiday bliss than to rock 10 yoga classes from now until the end of December.  Do you think you can do it? I commit to taking 10 yoga classes as a student.  Do you?  Whoever commits to themselves and does this, let us all know publicly and I’ll provide a little prize to you first week of the new year.

“We soak up life like a sponge, holding tensions, fears, and anxieties in our system.  In yoga practice you reach down into all the nooks and crannies and hidden pockets of tissue, excavating all this clogging, unwanted stuff.  Through the challenges on your mat, you step up to …your edge and pull up whatever is inside you that needs to be healed and released.  You also discover how strong you really are, physically and mentally…Yoga brings you back to your sweetness, your innocence. It reminds you of your love of discovery.”  -Baron Baptiste

And this is our 100th post 🙂

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