Yoga Challenge- Class #1

Is anyone else going to pick up the challenge (see last blog post) about rocking out 10 yoga classes anywhere before the end of 2011?  Prize. Will. Be. Involved. Seriously.

Every time you make it to your yoga mat, there’s a new opportunity for self-discovery, a new breakthrough either physically or emotionally.  I’m going share my experience with you for each class that I take as I personally participate in this 10 Yoga Class Challenge.  Join me? Would love to hear your experiences, too!

Last Saturday 12/10 I took a C2 Yoga Class w/ Jen H at Corepower Grant Street Studio in Denver.  It was packed, heated, steamy, and was an intermediate type flow designed by the instructor.  My breakthrough was just physical for this class, I learned flying squirrel pose!  I was giddy.  I even showed the pose to a friend in her kitchen the next day.   That might just be a made up pose or a made up name for a pose, but it was fun and challenging nonetheless.  When I learn something new, I am ecstatic to play with it.

It reminds me of the quote from Baron Baptiste about yoga’s benefits: “You…discover how strong you really are, physically and mentally…Yoga brings you back to your sweetness, your innocence. It reminds you of your love of discovery.”

Whatever your workout forte is, discover something new, play with something new, shake things up! Guaranteed mood booster.  If this post finds its way to Jen H, THANK YOU for a great class, Jen! 🙂

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