Yoga Challenge- Class #2

Tuesday night 12/13, the hubby and I took Nicole F’s Hot Power Fusion at Corepower Highlands Studio in Denver. 

Mentally I was exhausted and trying to let go of my day.  Physically my balance was difficult to come by.  Emotionally I was giddy because of my cute boy next to me kicking my booty in every pose, including him reaching in seated forward fold PAST his feet and wrapping his hands around a yoga block at the soles of his feet.  (Did I really just use the word giddy in two consecutive posts? yup) 

My breakthrough was silent & invisible, but still elated me.  In half tortoise pose I was able to for the first time ever get my forehead to touch the mat before my pinkies.  My shoulders and heart space were open enough to allow it, experiencing more graceful, slow, sweeping movements when entering my inversions.  Even when my body is tired, not feeling energetic and springy, I can have breakthroughs if I’m open to it.  Slow can be a fantastically beautiful state.  Move through molasses instead of air.  See what happens.

Something that Nicole cued that I liked was in toppling tree, to “gaze where you want your body to go.”  It reminds me of this quote by The Dhammapadda:  “As we think and act, so our world becomes.”  Are you softening and greeting each day with positivity and limitless aspirations?  Even when you’re tired, can you find peace and fluidity?

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