Yoga Challenge- Class #3

On Thursday 12/15, I sweated out in Jeremy’s C2 class with live music at Corepower Grant Street Studio. It was beautiful having Kate play guitar and sing in the back corner of class. The music felt authentic- as opposed to an iTunes playlist- and the actual vibrations in the room could be felt as a calming influence on all the bodies.

Yogic philosophy is partly based on ancient Vedic texts (1500-1000 BC), which discuss the vibrational make up of everything in the universe, how we are all made of vibrations (modern-day knowledge of the movements/vibrations of electrons inside atoms isn’t that far off, huh?). The constricted, powerful ujayi breath in yoga is a big vibration that calms the body, connects the different parts of our body, bones, muscles, soul, breath, prana, connects the body to everything else in the world. When we “ohm” in class it connects everyone. You can feel the room vibrating after the last ohm. So what I’m getting at is having a singer/guitarist in the corner during a yoga class was sending vibrations around and through me like crazy. Calmed me and invigorated me. Not to mention it was beautiful music to listen to 🙂

Class had a nice, natural, easy-going vibe to it. Wrung my body out. We did handstand and peacock as the apex poses.  My peacock is still a bent kneed one, but it came quicker in this class.  Unique to this instructor’s style was his dialogue with and joking with the whole class. It’s nice to be reminded that instructing yoga is guiding others’ practice, talking with them, not TO them.  Thanks for class, Jer, it was a good chuckle! Plank forever is not so rough when you’re laughing. And Kate, your a capella savasana song was BEAUTIFUL!

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