Yoga Challenge- Class #4

Last night 12/19 the hubby & I took Jess’s Yoga Sculpt at Corepower Broadway.  Yoga Sculpt is a class that’s a mix between yoga and a body pump weights class.  And Jess is one of my fav teachers (the first yoga teacher I had when I moved to Denver).  So when she kicks my booty I can’t hate her 🙂 and that’s a good combo. Thanks for a great class as usual, Jess!

Every time I take a yoga sculpt class it reminds me that our bodies have everything they need to strength train, build endurance, lean out, etc.  We don’t necessarily need cardio machines or big heavy weight sets (though I’m not knockin’ ’em, whatever your forte is, do it).  Maybe it was the million donkey butt kicks, or the mountain climbers, or the plank jacks.  Maybe it was the one-legged squats, or the hovering the legs above the mat in core, or the lowering down from boat slow mo.  The most intense cardio and muscle-burning moves I’ve ever done use nothing but my body as resistance.  Pretty neat how we were designed, huh?

Last night my experience besides mumbling a few expletives was that your body can do pretty much anything for 10 seconds.  Even if you don’t think you can do another donkey kick, you can eek out 10 more seconds of them.  So many of our boundaries are mental and self-imposed.

Challenge your excuses.  Make it an awesome day!

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