Yoga Challenge- Class # 5

I rang in the Winter Solstice with a special 90 min yoga flow class lead by the incredible Sasha at Corepower Grant Studio on Weds 12/21.
Before walking into class, we all wrote an intention on a piece of paper and put it by our mats.  This tangible reminder stayed at the forefront of my mind.  My intention was/is to release the frenzy in my life & my mind.
 To stay in the moment instead of thinking forward 10 paces. Let go of tension between my shoulder blades and the back of my heart. Soften totally in the shoulders and neck even when in the most strength-challenging poses.  Savor the few quiet moments in my life and make more quiet moments.
Sasha shared some insights about winter solstice at the beginning of class.  It marks the beginning of the days getting longer and brighter. I thought it was a positive & hopeful kind of moment in the calendar.  It’s also about the duality in things and in us: good & evil, sun & moon, left side of the mind/body & right side, happiness & sadness, etc.  Each follows and sometimes interweaves.  Celebrate transitions.  The back of the body however looks very different than the front of the body- we are designed this way to leave the past behind us and look forward, carry on, and move in the direction of our intentions.
In the yoga flow that we did, I liked a ton the transition from crescent moon to half splits in one big swooping motion and then circling back up to crescent moon.  Big swooping motions feel amazing to me for some reason.  Maybe I was meant to dance in life? Will still have to work on the transition from camel to wheel, a trust fall with myself 🙂 Always love the chance to dance with eyes closed- thanks, Sasha. We learn so much about ourselves when we do that.
This holiday, savor the small moments. Don’t autopilot in life. Even transitions from what you expected to the unexpected actually transpiring should be celebrated.  Our thoughts, emotions, & relationships are complex and that’s ok.  Peace & acceptance are simple.
Lots of love to you & yours!

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