Yoga Challenge- Class #6

If you’re a local Denverite and haven’t been to Half Moon Studios yet, you are missing out on a cozy gem at the heart of the art district.  Elise & Jared own the studio and share their love of yoga and art with the community.   Their studio space is beautiful and I’m so glad I met Elise this past fall.  She epitomizes passion and community. 

Want to check them out? All their yoga classes are only $10; a very important principle to Elise is to keep the classes affordable and aproachable.  Half Moon Studios hosts lots of art workshops, yoga workshops, crafting workshops, and community events. There’s also a free 5pm yoga class the first friday of every month (AHEM- THAT’S THIS FRIDAY!), part of the Santa Fe Art District’s First Fridays neighborhood celebration.  Shake your asana, chit chat over some wine & munchies, and then go explore the local art galleries lining the streets.

I took Elise’s slow hatha flow class on Monday 12/26, which was just what my sore post-skiing body needed (or KNEE-ded as my case was, ouch).  Elise’s 75 min morning class had intelligent and creative cueing and her words just wrapped around me like a big hug while she was teaching.  You can tell she’s doing what she loves.  It was great for me to get my sore knee moving around and do some great stretches to slow down and set up for my week. 

In the asanas, I loved her variation on runner’s lunge, where the back knee comes to the ground and the front toes curl up, front leg leans outward, and you apply gentle pressure with hand to inside thigh, moving into an optional back bend.  This big hip opener was my favorite moment in class.  Ahhh….

Slowing down, smooth & luscious breathing, keeping your mind inside your body and not fluttering around outside the mat- this is the hardest part of yoga.  This tranquility that Elise helped me foster inside myself was my takeaway, my aha moment of peace.  Reminds me of these quotes I love and have shared with yoga classes:

“When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still.” -Svatmarama

“Concentrating on poses clears the mind, while focusing on the breath helps the body shift out of fight or flight mode.” -Melanie Haiken

Thanks for a wonderful class, Elise!  Can’t wait to come take another class with you soon.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge- Class #6

  1. Ahh, love the amazing-ness of hip openers. They say hip openers release pent-up emotions, so I always have a fun time seeing what thoughts will run through my head during hip-opening poses. The last time I apparently needed to release some hostility towards my hubby because I suddenly remembered some not-so-great moments during pigeon pose. LOL! Looking forward to lots of yoga in 2012!:)

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