Yoga Challenge- Class # 7

On Wednesday 12/28, Kat Saks at Root Yoga Center rocked out my bod with a sweet flow that had my body busting out of its yoga-usual and launch into a yoga-dance.  It was wonderful. A complex (in my simple yogini mind) build-up of a basic flow that kept getting added onto & added onto, until we were ardha-chandrasana-ing with a big bow grip behind us, foot in hand.  Kat  made me laugh out loud when she said multiple times in warrior poses  “keep that bad ass bend in your front knee!”  Haha, never heard that phrase in a yoga class before!  Loved your class a TON, Kat.  You’re a great teacher!  Check out her website for Kat Saks Yoga or her Facebook Page for Kat Saks Yoga.

Kat got me in this pose.…barely….Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose).  You rock it, girl!  Kat’s class taught me lots of humility :)…haha

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