Yoga Challenge- Class #10

Voila! Challenge complete!

My 10th class was the hardest- a 2 hour class for yoga teachers only- a place to explore, discover new techniques and poses, and to really push yourself to grow.  I took on 12/31 a Tigress Class at Corepower Stapleton with the amazing anusara Julieta

I must not have gotten the memo that this particular day’s class was to start off with 12 minutes of handstands, one minute to honor each month of 2011.  I tried handstand each set, but ended up doing about 90% of it on my forearms.  But still, 12 minutes upside down. Phew!  Oh, and 3 minutes of corework between handstand sets.  Phew squared!

My breakthrough in this class was the wheel help that Julieta gave me, about moving my armpits forward and moving my tailbone back.  Like magic my vertebrae felt so much better in wheel!  And I did my first ever drop back! From standing into wheel.  With of course Julieta holding me the entire time, but still, it was crazy.  I’m proud. I was for sure the least-experienced and least-advanced yogini in the room of 11 teachers, but it was so much fun.  I will for sure go back.  I can only grow from here!

Thanks, Julieta! 

Check it out, Teachers-Only Tigress Class Saturdays 3:15-5:15 at Corepower Stapleton. And here’s Julieta’s website.

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