Yoga Challenge- Class # 9

On 12/31 I took the sweet Community Yoga class by Piper Rose.  This is held weekly upstairs of the Mercury Cafe.  Free, or pay what you can by donation.  Open to anyone.  I loved it!  Nowhere else could I have screamed at the top of my lungs in a yoga class and learned the pose ExplodingJellyBeanAsana.  Extra awesome about this class was the live music and bhakti chanting.  It’s fun to vibrate the vocal cords and rock out as a roomful of warm strangers.

My favorite moment of class was the letting loose the hips in a few runners lunge variations.  Similar to the cool one I learned from Elise at  Half Moon, we sunk the hips low and moved the knee to the side and were encouraged to scream, moan, yell, or make animal noises, however we felt, to let loose what’s locked up inside the “emotional junk drawer” of the hips.  I adore that this class is so fun, that it takes into account the needs/injuries of the students that come, and that everybody is LOVED in this class.   Kids can tag along and practice, too!  And they get the sweetest adjustments–handstand assists so awesome that their hands don’t even have to touch the ground.

Please check it out, Saturdays 10:30am at the Merc.

Thanks for an awesome class, Piper!

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