Your Inner Diamond

For those who can’t make it to my First Friday event tonight, I wanted to share this with you!  It’s an excerpt from a Yoga Journal article I read a long time ago, and that aligns with the feelings I’ve had for years about weight-loss and fitness and health uncovering the real, confident, courageous you inside. 


“Your Inner Light   If being hard on yourself is counterproductive, why do you do it? Kate Holcombe, the founder of the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco, explains that a self-critical approach to change —including the self-judgment, fear, shame, and guilt that often accompany it —reflects what Patanjali calls avidya  “incorrect understanding” and asmita (“false identification”). Basically, you’re mistaking the behavior you want to change for who you are, rather than seeing it for what it is —a pattern or a habit that’s not serving you. “A fundamental principle of yoga is that, deep inside, you are truly perfect just as you are,” she says. When you recognize yourself as fundamentally perfect instead of focusing on your flaws, you can see your negative patterns without judgment.Patanjali says that the mind is like a brilliant gem, a diamond,” Holcombe explains. “Over a lifetime, that shiny diamond gets dirty, dusty, coated over by conditioned thoughts and the experiences we have. We lose touch with our inner brilliance —the light of the inner Self —and can’t even remember that it’s there.” Yoga is the process of cleaning the mind and whatever is blocking the inner light —the part of you that doesn’t need to be fixed, controlled, or perfected. When you think of changing a pattern that’s not serving you in this way —that is, as cleaning away accumulated dust of the mind, which blocks your just-right Self —it causes you to view the negative behavior from a more compassionate point of view.”

What do you think? Deep down inside, you’re freaking PERFECT! That never changes.  No matter what dumb stuff you do, no matter if you’re having a fat day, no matter if you stay in bed, no matter if you are feeling gloomy.  A transformative life, one open to healthy living and striving for healthy goals and happy living, will help you peel aside the layers that you’ve covered your diamond with.  Not just physical, but very real and emotional layers. You catch a glimpse diamond of this every time you remove a little doubt, or challenge an excuse, or make a good healthy decision.  See this amazingness inside of you.  Your INNER BRILLIANCE!

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