What is Prana?  Have you ever read our website?  HTTP://PRANAFITNESS.ORG

Prana is the Sanskrit word for “vital life.” It is the notion of a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings. Prana is an energy believed to flow in our bodies through a network of subtle channels into every cell. To improve our vivacity, we can remove things that interrupt or block that flow of prana: self-imposed limitations on what we are capable of, walls of self-criticism that we let defeat us, and unhealthy bodies that we allow to rule all aspects of our lives.

Prana Fitness is founded on the principles of restoring the natural flow of this prana energy through our bodies. We can learn to challenge the excuses and obstacles we create to become the happiest versions of ourselves: fit, confident, and overflowing with contagious energy. The Prana Fitness community is friendly, non-judging, unintimidating, and refreshing. We don’t seek to fit molds; we seek to learn to love ourselves and take pride in our unique beauty and strengths. Reveal the healthiest you through trying running, cycling, strength training, flexibility, whole nutrition, and emotional centering. This holistic approach to personal fitness works with very little equipment, utilizing how your amazing body was designed.

Prana is this energy, chi, qi, breath, blood, life that flows throughout our bodies.  When our prana is flowing freely, we feel invigorated, alive, enlightened, and comfortable.  When our prana is blocked, we feel sluggish or disconnected inside.  Things that block our prana flow can be physical tightness or storing stress in the body.  Other more subtle layers inside our bodies/minds can block our prana flow, such as thinking our limitations are concrete, or beating ourselves up inside, self-judgement in a negative way, etc.  The entire mission and idea behind Prana Fitness is that we get the prana unstuck.  Yoga-based fitness to physically remove distractions or tension.  Yoga-based support to view yourself in a positive, healthy, and loving light.  Holistically helping you see how incredible you are and to stop stepping in your own way.  What do you think?  Does it make more sense now why I chose the business name I did? Love you to all!  Let me know your thoughts on Prana!  I can’t wait to hear what people more versed in Prana have to say about it than me.  Please share!

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