Yoga & Being a Warrior

What does it mean to be a warrior?  Aren’t yogis supposed to be all peaceful and ohmy and schtuff?

Yoga For Young Warriors is a Denver-based kids yoga business that teaches yoga to kids in schools and in yoga studios.  One of the little ditties we have the kids say in warm-up, as they move their bodies through some warrior poses, is “I am strong. I am brave. I am peaceful. I am a warrior.”  I love how this simply defines what it means to be a warrior: strong & brave when you need to be, but also peaceful when you need to be.

I read this article today and I really liked it- take a moment to check it out!  Warrior Pose: Understanding the Spiritual Warrior

My favorite parts:  “Sometimes, life gets messy…We think that in order to be a yogi, we have to be devoid of all negativity. We’re human. Things happen. Removing all hardship from our lives just isn’t possible. Not to mention the fact that we tend to do little battles all day long….More than being perpetually blissful, being a yogi means being able to navigate successfully the complicated world of relationship and emotion. We become warriors when we understand how to fight our fights with the right tools and weapons… Along with the extraordinary range of emotions we experience as humans, we also have the amazing capacity for reflection. And so, when our battles escalate beyond our control, we wield probably the most important tools of the spiritual warrior: compassion and forgiveness….It’s how we soften the poorly fought battles. It’s how we strengthen our fortitude to fight the most challenging ones. It’s not avoiding the pitfalls of life that makes us spiritual warriors, but rather standing up and fighting the good fight and seeing all angles that gives us the strength and power that these three sacred poses embody. ”

What do you think? What are some ways that you are a warrior embodying this simultaneous softening of fight but strengthening of fight?

Share your thoughts & show some love!

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