Vegan Endurance Athletes

I’m in no way strong-willpowered enough to be a vegan, but I’m completely fascinated by the idea of endurance athletes who are able to get all the energy that they need for big physical feats and active lifestyles completely from plant-based foods.   I eat extremely light on the meat level of the old food pyramid, but I’m always a sucker for the random cheese/dairy/honey things that keep me far from vegan.  I’d love to become more and more plant-based in my eating.

A yoga friend of mine Greg shared a few vegan endurance athlete authors with me lately and I wanted to share with all of you, in case you were interested in reading more on the subject, or coming up with a few new recipes to fuel your workouts.

  • Vegan Triathlete Blog– Crystal Clarke (although she hasn’t posted much recently) has this blog where she talks being vegan and completing Ironman and lots of other endurance athletic events (pre-race she likes toast with peanut butter & a banana).  She has links to vegan recipes, her training schedules, and guides to going vegan.
  • Brendan Brazier– This vegan former-pro athlete/Ironman is extremely well-published and you can sign up on his site for monthly email updates.  He wrote a book (3rd of his books) called Thrive Foods.  Here’s an article in Fitness Magazine about his approach to nutrition and a recipe for Chick Pea Curry Pizza.  “After extensive research, Brazier found that about 80 percent of recovery is linked to good nutrition. “Eating more doesn’t always mean more energy. You can be overfed while being undernourished,” he says.  Brazier eased into a whole food-based, vegan diet heavy on healthy whole grains (amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat), plant proteins (hemp, pea, rice) and dark leafy greens. Besides increasing his rate of recovery, he discovered that this eating plan with frequent, small meals helped him be more productive and sleep better.”
  • Iron Jenny x 2– This is a blog of 2 friends each named Jenny who are vegan endurance athletes/triathletes.  The link on the left about nutritional info goes into some basics on all the nutrients that are important to make sure you’re getting enough of in your vegan diet.
  • No Meat Athlete– This is a blog of a guy Matt Frazier who I just grazed briefly, but he has some good reviews of vegan athlete cookbooks, etc. and shares some recipes, etc.  Looks like pretty awesome “Marathon Roadmap” and “Half Marathon Roadmap” on the right side.  I want to buy the Marathon one 🙂
  • Vegan + Sports- I own and have read this book, which is very educational on the science of nutrients and busting myths, but not a reader-friendly style since it was translated from author’s native German and not much in terms of recipes. 

Even if you  have zero interest in eating vegan, what are some recipes and healthy snacks that you enjoy that are animal-product-free and that you wouldn’t mind sharing with all of us? Please contribute! We love people who chat it up on here!

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