Drishti is a sanskrit word that means Focus.  What do you focus on?

A business-related motivational speaker and author I follow sometimes- Dale Smith Thomas– had this message about focus this week: “What you focus on gets bigger. Those 5 words if we truly understand them, believe them and act on them can totally change our lives both personally and professionally.  Are you focused on what you have accomplished and the things that are going right or are you focused on what isn’t going right? Are you focused on your dreams and goals or are you focusing on the opinion of others and allowing it to slow you down?”

And here are bits of an interesting article from David Life on Drishti: “The practice of Drishti is a gazing technique that develops concentration—and teaches you to see the world as it really is….The use of drishti [is a]…metaphor for focusing consciousness toward a vision of oneness. Drishti organizes our perceptual apparatus to recognize and overcome the limits of “normal” vision….Soften your focus to send your attention beyond outer appearance to inner essence…Like all yogic practices, drishti uses the blessed gifts of a human body and mind as a starting place for connecting to our full potential.”

What we focus on we get more of.  When we zero in with softness and intention on what is important to us, we can see things with more oneness, less judgement, and see ourselves as we really are and have the potential to be.  When we practice focus or drishti in our yoga practice or in our lives, we allow ourselves to slow the chaotic sensation of being pulled in a million directions.  This doesn’t mean we are closed to the beauty in the details or small things around us, but I think it means we feel centered and grounded, able to view ourselves, others, and the beauty around us from a more balanced place.  In a physical yoga pose or asana, focusing the vision on one point helps us find balance.  When I’m teaching yoga, I like to say that finding a focal point while in a pose, allows the rest of the room to melt away.  And I love the teaching from BKS Iyengar, that you can imagine each pore on the surface of your skin as an eye that is gazing inside to your heart. In our lives, focusing the intention on finding the authenticity inside of us helps us find balance. 

Please weigh in on this and provide your insight!  Would love to hear from you.

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