Running Bliss

I’ve gotten in several great-feeling runs this week.  One in particular was very hard b/c I only had 30 mins to squeeze in a workout and I very much did NOT want to squeeze in a workout, but I got my butt out there anyways, ran hard and fast, and it lifted my mood and I smiled like an idiot at everyone I passed on the trail, tapping my fingers along with the music piping through my ear buds.  I love the sensations that running, even short runs, bring to my soul.  Here are some  euphoric running quotes to motivate your weekend!

All of these are from the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

“If you don’t have answers to your problems after a four-hour run, you ain’t getting them.”

When I’m out on a long run, the only thing that matters is finishing the run. For once, my brain isn’t going blehblehbleh all the time. Everything quiets down, and the only thing going on is pure flow. It’s just me and the movement and the motion. That’s what I love—just being a barbarian, running through woods  -Jenn Shelton, p. 149

In terms of stress relief and sensual pleasure, running is what you have in your life before you have sex. The equipment and desire come factory installed; all you have to do is let ‘er rip and hang on for the ride. p. 12

Your body becomes so familiar with the cradle-rocking rhythm that you almost forget you’re moving. [Eventually,] you break through to that soft, half-levitating flow. You have to listen closely to the sound of your own breathing; be aware of how much sweat is beading on your back; make sure to treat yourself to cool water and a salty snack and ask yourself honestly and often, exactly how you feel. What could be more sensual than paying exquisite attention to your own body? -Ann Trason, p.69

It wasn’t just the racing they loved; it was the thrill of exploring the brave new world of their own bodies. p. 112

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