Yoga as Cross Training

This past weekend I had the opportunity to teach a Yoga for Cyclists Workshop in Denver.  Amongst the students was a woman who had completed 3 Ironman competitions.   Alongside of which was a man who was relatively new to cycling and was getting ready for his first sprint triathlon.  And a few recreational cyclists, all with varying levels of experience in yoga.  I adore what I do 🙂  This was such a great group of yogis and cyclists.  Having a refreshing experience like this workshop really helps me re-charge my convictions that yoga really is the ultimate tool in cross training for your favorite sports.

Benefits of yoga seen in your cycling:

  • Attention to breath and mind-body connection, mental clarity, calmness
  • Core & low-back strengthening poses to increase endurance reserves and stabilize your trunk, able to be lower in the drops for longer with more power
  • Open chest for bigger breath
  • Open hips lead to less hip rock and less knee rotation while pedaling so your pedal stroke is more efficient
  • Stronger hamstrings for more power on the pedal backstroke
  • Soft, relaxed shoulders to keep jarring out of shoulders and elbows
  • Deep full-body stretching  for longer muscles and better energy economization during rides

Here are some recommended reading links if you’re interested in yoga poses you can do at home to complement and benefit your cycling:

Do you do any yoga poses after a bike ride? What are your favorites?


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